Moving from Agency to Online Recruitment

Moving from Agency to Online: My First Month at Webrecruit


Jess Holleran

Jess Holleran joined Webrecruit’s team of Client Relationship Managers in May 2018 after spending five years working for recruitment agencies.


I started my career in recruitment working for big national firms, recruiting into the accountancy and finance sectors and eventually moved to a smaller company, recruiting into the construction industry. I had never worked in an office before working for an agency, so the environment was a big shock to the system.

Although I loved the feeling of finding someone their dream job, I didn’t enjoy the pressure that was on my shoulders when there were so many things completely out of my control when making a placement. I also didn’t feel like the industry was sustainable; in 10 years’ time, I think it will be harder to contact people and charge such large fees for candidates they would be able to source themselves with the right advertising and branding in place.

I started looking at other roles in Exeter but I didn’t want the stress of completely changing everything I knew. I wanted to stay in a similar sector but without the out-of-hours candidate calls, the stress and the constant feeling that any slight slip-up could completely ruin a month’s worth of work! When searching for new roles, Webrecruit popped up and it seemed too good to be true, offering a more cost-effective alternative to agency recruitment. I knew this was a product I could sell and I knew it would revolutionise the way in which companies manage their recruitment process.


When I met with Webrecruit’s Sales Manager for my interview, she was so detailed in what the company did and the products they could offer clients. Having been with the company for a long period of time, she was really enthusiastic and had been hugely successful herself in the role.

One of the most appealing things about working for Webrecruit is that the company has built their own software and is completely in control of the products and services they sell. If a client has a query or problem, there are people on site who can help resolve the issue almost immediately. It was a dream come true after working in an industry where if one thing went wrong that couldn’t be sorted immediately, it could result in a target-hitting month turning into a zero!

Fantastically, Webrecruit offered me a flexible working package to fit around my childcare and my daughter’s needs. I’m able to drop her to school every morning and in my eyes, that is invaluable. There’s a permanent dress-down policy in the office which creates a more relaxed working environment and the team I have joined have made me feel really welcome. Within the first two weeks I had a diary packed full of meetings to ensure I understood and appreciated everyone’s part in the business and the team.


I’ve really been given time to settle into my role as Client Relationship Manager and haven’t been pressured at all to get straight on the phone and make hundreds of calls, like you would in a typical sales role. The focus is placed on getting to grips with the product offering and familiarising myself with my clients and our database. I haven’t felt stressed after leaving work, I enjoy coming in on a Monday morning and I feel like I have an exciting career ahead of me.

Webrecruit is a great place to work; if you have worked in recruitment before, you’ll easily be able to understand our service and product offering. You will be fully inducted and trained by a number of staff members who are all experts in their fields. If you want to move away from the stress of agency recruitment or have just completely lost faith in the industry, I would highly recommend having a look at our current opportunities on our careers site.


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