5 innovative recruitment methods for attracting top talent

shutterstock_225190324If you are responsible for recruiting top talent within your organisation, you will be aware of the shift experienced within recent years in the balance of power between employers and candidates, as the latter have been given more choice and freedom with the recovery of the economy.
Companies are now fighting to recruit talented individuals, so it is more important for your own firm to stand out to such candidates, even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone and entering new recruitment territory

1.Online tools

Although you are unlikely to find the right candidate for top positions on sites like Craigslist, job boards are beginning to make a comeback for professional job-seekers. Sites like Inbound and Cloudpeeps offer networking and community, taking online professional networks to a new level.
Because of their unique position in the marketplace, these websites offer you the chance to seek people with very specific skills and see candidates in action, rather than merely reading about their skills on a CV.


Referral incentives are a great way to encourage friends, employees and industry insiders to come forward with candidate suggestions. If you listen to their recommendations and let them make a case before conducting an interview for those candidates as normal, referrals can give you more confidence and security than recruiting somebody that neither you nor any of your contacts are aware of.

3.LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is packed with groups relating to specific sectors – for example, if you need a social media expert, you may join a LinkedIn social media group to find suitable talent.
Not only can you easily access a pool of potential candidates on LinkedIn, but you can also scrutinise their skills and experiences without having to waste your time or theirs.


Professionals are big on building their own brands, so why not capitalise on this by searching for talent on Twitter?
Whether this means participating in “Twitter chats” – where industry professionals come together to talk under a particular hashtag – or simply following relevant accounts or advertising a vacancy, you may be surprised by how far and wide news of your empty role can travel and who it could attract.


Although technology has made it easier to connect with talent, face-to-face contact should never be undervalued. Use conferences and networking events to meet potential employees and strike up conversations to see what happens.
If you would like to learn more about how you can find the right candidate for your roles, please visit our employer resources page where you can find guides on a whole array of recruitment subjects.

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