6 ways that you can use your LinkedIn profile to get connected

Linkedin 2As the world’s largest professional networking site, LinkedIn is the driving force in its market, and it is the place to focus on building your professional profile. Unlike many other networking sites, LinkedIn is more about a focus on the individual’s professional ability, key attributes, and the connections acquired.
Webrecruit Ireland offers some key tips on how you can make the most of your own LinkedIn profile.

1. Be smart with your profile picture

Your profile photo is the virtual version of a first impression. This therefore means that you must give considerable thought into the way in which you present yourself. Be smart, be professional – you may be in a suit at your best friend’s wedding but that does not mean it’s appropriate.

2. Take care with your headline

LinkedIn, like many websites, uses keywords in their searches. For this reason, you must approach your headline very carefully. Don’t just state your company and job title, but utilise these few words to build a picture of why you are worth the connection.
Key note: Make sure that your headline represents your job role, and not your industry. For example, you could be an engineer that works in the medical industry. Your engineering background is your job role, and this must be clearly identified.

3. Keep it simple

Use your summary as an opportunity to truly identify who you are and what you are capable of. It should be short, concise, and clearly articulate your credibility and experience.

4. Personalise your invitation to connect

When making first contact, personalising your message is essential in making that connection a success. Outline why you would like to make the connection and the value of your experience as a person in your field of interest.

5. Get Endorsed for key skills

Endorsements, in effect are online references and they can be used as a way to establish credibility. Endorsing your connections, without being prompted to do so, positions you as a connection, and thus can be useful as a conversation starter. It also allows potential employers to understand what your professional connections feel your strengths are.

6. Join Groups

Discover groups you could join and follow companies that interest you. Use these avenues to stay in touch with the latest job opening and industry news. In order to get yourself known amongst the communities, voice your opinion in discussion threads. LinkedIn is all about opportunities but you must always be proactive when it comes to finding and acting on the opportunities available.
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