Things to Remember at Group Interviews

8 Things to Remember at Group Interviews

Group interviews are certainly different from those that are held on a one-on-one basis, and can be a bit more nerve-wracking. This type of interview consequently means a different dynamic, and a different set of considerations for the meeting.

Webrecruit looks at what you should focus on to stand out in your group interview, and how to make a good impression.


1. Body Language

Body language is a vital part of a group interview. If you are the only one amongst the group slumped in your chair giving off the attitude that you don’t want to be there, it isn’t likely you’ll get a call back after you leave.


2. Be Punctual

Arrive on time – if you turn up late, the interviewers (as well as others in the group) will make a mental note of who arrived past the interview timing.


3. Include Everyone

Talk to the other individuals in the group, greet them, learn their names and act as a team. They are your competition, but don’t neglect them and close yourself off.


4. Prepare

As ever, it is crucial to prepare. You may not know what activities or tasks you could be given but prepare what you can in terms of researching the company and role to show that you have put the work in before getting there.

It’s also worth prepping some questions for the interviewers, as it’s likely that there will be time for this at the end.


5. Be Yourself

Be honest and be yourself. There is no point acting in a completely different way to how you would normally, as this will be obvious if you start speaking to the employers after the interview.


6. Get Noticed

Don’t talk constantly or shout, but avoid saying nothing at all. You want to get noticed for the right reasons, so put purpose to any comment you may have, and remember to focus on what they are looking for.


7. Listen

Listen intently to any instructions or questions, to ensure you act upon these accordingly. This is particularly important if there is a group task being set; this way, you can understand exactly what is required and how you can show your best attributes.


8. Follow Up

Say goodbye to the interviews/panelists at the end of the session, and send a follow up email or letter to thank them for the opportunity. This gives a lasting impression and puts you in good stead.


Group interviews can come in different forms, from being asked questions by a panel to working on a project alongside others to demonstrate qualities such as leadership, communication and more.

Remember that during these sessions, you are being compared with others: It’s a daunting thought, but it’s something that you can learn from and also use to your advantage. Be aware of what you are saying, and how you are acting whilst considering at all times the qualities the interviewers will be looking for.


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