Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

The Golden Rules to Attracting a Recruiter’s Attention on LinkedIn

If you’re in the process of searching for a new job, there’s a good chance that you’ve exhausted the job boards looking for suitable vacancies.

However, it also makes sense to use professional platforms, such as LinkedIn, not only to search for a new role yourself, but to catch the attention of recruiters and companies looking for candidates.

However, with over 500 million members on the site, it helps to know how to get noticed. Check out our following tips to help your profile stand out from the crowd.


Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Opportunities

LinkedIn contains functionality where you can let recruiters know that you’re open to new opportunities, without making it obvious via your profile. This helps if you’re currently in employment and don’t want your existing employer to know that you’re looking for a new role.

To let recruiters know that you’d be open to a move, simply click on your dashboard within your LinkedIn profile and change the setting under ‘Career interests’. Only they’ll be able to view this and not your current employer.


Endorse Others & Post Recommendations

Ask your connections for endorsements and make sure that you endorse others. Writing recommendations for those that you have worked with is also a great way to get your name out there on the platform.

The more you endorse and recommend others, the more you are likely to get in return. Endorsements and recommendations also provider credibility to your profile and help support your skills and experience gained within your career history.


Complete Your Profile

It’s important to make sure that your profile is as complete as possible. LinkedIn will tell you what stage your profile is at and will also suggest other aspects of your profile that may need looking at.

Try to emphasise results, instead of a long list of responsibilities under each job position to make your LinkedIn a profile worth checking out.


Be Searchable

Use the right keywords, job titles and skills on your profile, to make it easily searchable for recruiters.

Remember, companies will be searching for a particular job title or skill set, so it helps to have relatable and easily identifiable words on your profile.


Choose a Professional Profile Photo

Having a profile photo on LinkedIn is a great way to enhance your profile, giving a positive impression to those viewing your details. However, you need to keep your photo professional – try to avoid anything unprofessional, such as a distant holiday shot or a blurry image.


Build Your Network

Building your network means looking beyond your colleagues at work. Look to connect with students at your college or university, suppliers or clients you’ve previously worked with or even those that influence you.

The larger your network, the more chance you have of connecting with employers and leaders within your industry.


Share Content

Like, comment, and share content which interests you and is relevant to your career sector. This will show other members and connections that you are active and constantly reading industry-related content.


Focus on Your Headline

Write an attractive, yet clear and concise headline. You have a limited number of characters in which to sell yourself, so make it worthwhile to attract recruiters and companies looking to hire.



With all of the above in mind, an overall objective should be to stay proactive. Keep building on your profile and network as much as you can to increase the likelihood of you getting noticed.

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