Top 6 Salary Checkers

What Should I Be Earning? 6 Top Salary Checkers

It’s worth being aware of the salaries across the UK and your own location, to understand what the market rates are. This can also help you if you are looking at preparing for a potential salary based question in an upcoming interview.

Salary calculators are also used to look at what you may be taking home for the month, including any tax information relevant to your earnings.

Webrecruit looks at the top resources to gain an understanding of both your own salary and current market rates:

1. Monster

Monster’s salary calculator looks at the lowest, median, and highest salary for the job that you enter in to the forms. This is also based on your particular location.


2. Totaljobs

The total jobs salary checker allows you to check salaries related to your specific region. This includes the highest, lowest, and average salary for the area.


3. Reed

Reed provides an overview of the average salaries across the UK, filtering on specific sectors and job titles.


4. PayScale

PayScale offer a free salary report, which requires a survey to be completed to understand everything from your working hours to the benefits you receive.


5. Wage Indicator

The Wage Indicator provides a gross monthly salary overview of your role, based on information given by individuals in surveys on their current salaries.


6. NatWest

NatWest have recently released an interactive tool titled the ‘Salary Calculator’. This tool helps users to calculate their take-home salary and gives a breakdown of any tax, pension and loan deductions as well as the ability to view their pay over any given period.


Industry Specific Checkers

Alongside the above, there are a few sector specific salary checkers available. Follow the links below to view and check salaries within your job industry.

Catering (leads to
Events (leads to
IT (leads to
Retail (leads to


These are just a small percentage of what is out there, but the aforementioned salary checkers such as Totaljobs and Reed allow you to view salaries across a wide variety of industries.

With the above sites, you can gather a clear idea of what it is you could be earning, and what could be taking home. It helps to look at a few sites before gauging a solid idea of what it is that you should be looking for.


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