Cairngorms National Park Authority

Find out how Webrecruit ATS is helping transform Cairngorms National Park Authority’s recruitment and candidate administration!

The Organisation


The Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) conserves, enhances and promotes the breath-taking nature and landscapes of Cairngorms National Park. From wind-blasted mountain top to village square, they ensure the Park is a place where nature and people can thrive together.


Established in 2003, Cairngorms National Park Authority’s long-term vision is to provide an outstanding National Park that is enjoyed and valued by everyone.

The Challenge


We caught up with Pip Mackie, HR Manager for Cairngorms National Park Authority, to understand their experience of utilising Webrecruit’s proprietary Applicant Tracking System, Webrecruit ATS.


“Before onboarding Webrecruit ATS, our internal processes were very Microsoft Office heavy, and we received applications via large emails with lots of attachments needing to be filled out; it was very labour intensive.


We had to anonymize applications, and as our application forms were and are detailed, this took a long time to do, these had to be subsequently submitted to a panel for review manually after printing them off or sending via email.”


Pip Mackie, HR Manager

The Solution


Cairngorms National Park Authority realised they needed to enhance their recruitment processes and were looking for a system that would complement yet improve their way of working.


“We were recommended Webrecruit and Webrecruit ATS through the UK National Parks groups and our associates across the other National Parks. We started looking into it and then organised a demo with Webrecruit. From the outset, it was clear that Webrecruit has a really strong understanding of the public sector and the recruitment processes and expectations within.


As soon as we saw how adaptable and intuitive the system was, and how it adhered to our need for automated, anonymized applications, we were confident Webrecruit ATS was the system for us. We were able to accept and process applications through the system, as well as perform reporting with a particular focus on our EDI efforts, all of which added to the suitability of the system for Cairngorm’s National Park Authority.


Upon implementation, we decided to go with a soft start to make sure the system was right rather than testing it across our organisation too quickly and therefore failing. This was the right approach for us and the support from Webrecruit was, and continues to be, second to none.”


Pip Mackie, HR Manager

The Results


Since partnering with Webrecruit and implementing Webrecruit ATS, Cairngorms National Park has seen multiple positives and improvements to their hiring efforts.


“Webrecruit ATS is straightforward to use, which we cannot emphasise enough how much of a plus that is! There are parts of Webrecruit ATS we are yet to use, but we know, at its core, it is an intuitive system and we are looking forward to utilising other and newer modules.


Webrecruit ATS has improved how hiring managers engage with their candidates and recruitment work, and we have seen improvements in speed to hire as well as candidate filtering, all of which have improved the candidate experience.”


Specifically, Cairngorms National Park Authority has seen the following since onboarding Webrecruit ATS as their recruitment software of choice:


– Time-saving for both the HR team and hiring managers
– Improved candidate application throughput and candidate journey
– Easy-to-use, simplified and streamlined reporting to enhance data and insight
– Optimised EDI focus via recruiting due to augmented monitoring modules


Pip Mackie, HR Manager

Final Words


“We would definitely recommend Webrecruit and Webrecruit ATS to any hiring organisation that is looking for an intuitive Applicant Tracking System that will streamline your hiring processes and enhance the candidate experience.


Webrecruit ATS conducts tasks automatically which saves us time so we can make sure any hiring process for any role is at its optimum – it’s great when technology can enhance the human experience!”


Pip Mackie, HR Manager

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