Achieve real results

Webrecruit’s solutions are proven to lower the true cost of recruitment for your business, by significantly reducing your time-to-hire, improving the quality of your applicants and making the most of your recruitment budget. Both HR and Finance teams love us for it.

Our analysis of over 300 customers showed that businesses achieved the following results using our recruitment solutions:

Cost Savings


Reduced advertising spend

The money spent on recruitment advertising within an annual period


Reduced ATS costs

The money spent on Applicant Tracking Systems within an annual period


Reduced agency spend

The money spent on recruitment agencies within an annual period


9 Days

Reduced time-to-hire

The length (in days) of a company’s recruitment process


Fewer suppliers used

A recruitment agency or job board that a company is working with directly


Less time spent on admin

The amount of time spent on recruitment administration

Enhanced Candidate Experience


Reduced candidate drop-off

The percentage of candidates that commence an application but abandon it


More offers accepted

The percentage of candidates who accept an offer made to them by the employer


Higher conversion rate

The percentage of jobseekers who view a job advert and go on to complete an application

Webrecruit’s solutions will help you to…

Be more productive

We know that you’ve got enough to do without getting bogged down in paperwork. Webrecruit ATS will automate those annoying admin tasks, allowing you to focus on talking to candidates and making great hires. The average employee wastes too much of their week on unnecessary administration; we want you to get that time back!

Recruit directly

Stop paying huge recruitment consultancy fees for roles that you could fill yourself. We’ll provide you with everything you need to source candidates directly and make the right choices, saving your business thousands per hire.

Reduce your advertising costs

Do you feel like your advertising sources are really delivering you with quality candidates? Webrecruit ATS allows you to monitor your top application sources so that you can make informed, data-driven decisions. We want you to stop wasting your money on underperforming job boards and work with those that deliver the candidates you need.

Speed up your time-to-hire

For every extra day a role remains unfilled in your business, it costs you more money. Our ATS will streamline your internal processes, allowing you to advertise your vacancies quickly and start receiving applications in little to no time at all.

Improve the quality of your hires

Don’t spend time screening unsuitable candidates who lack the skills you need. CV parsing will help you quickly identify the most qualified candidates for your role, allowing you to focus your attention on them.

Make candidates love you

Providing a positive candidate experience is vital; a poor candidate journey can affect your employer brand, resulting in less applications submitted and less offers accepted. Webrecruit ATS provides a better candidate journey and makes it much easier to keep candidates informed about the status of their application.

Manage dozens of vacancies (without going crazy)

When you’re recruiting for several vacancies at once, it can be a struggle to stay on top of your applications. Webrecruit ATS allows you to easily manage multiple vacancies and organise hundreds of candidates so you know, at a glance, exactly what stage of the recruitment process they’re at.

Webrecruit will reduce your costs and improve your team’s efficiency

Ready to find out how our online recruitment advertising, technology and resourcing solutions can bring real value to your business?