DOMU Brands

How Webrecruit helped the fresh-thinking company to reduce its agency reliance and centralise its recruitment process for hiring managers

The Company


DOMU Brands delivers a broad range of functional, practical and innovative products, spanning home & garden, kitchen, pet ware, health & fitness and beauty.

The Challenge


When Jenni Welch, HR Manager for DOMU Brands, started her role within the business, there wasn’t a centralised recruitment function in place and hiring managers were in charge of their own recruitment.

The managers were all using a similar online advert to attract candidates, which wasn’t effective at all. The system that we were using before also wasn’t particularly user friendly.”

The Solution


After having a speculative conversation about Webrecruit’s online recruitment advertising services and Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Webrecruit ATS, Jenni decided that it would be a good fit for the requirements of DOMU Brands.

We decided to trial the service first with a few advertising credits before committing. Webrecruit’s team of Copywriters put the adverts together for us, which worked really well. They knew exactly the right things to put into the adverts that would attract candidates.”

Based on the trial, Jenni was able to obtain buy-in from the rest of the business to use Webrecruit’s services on a continuous basis. Webrecruit ATS provided a centralised portal where hiring managers could log in and manage their own vacancies, while still allowing Jenni to have oversight of the recruitment process.

Our hiring managers have found Webrecruit ATS really easy to get on board with. It’s helpful for them to be able to set up their own screening questions for roles. Agencies don’t always give us the exact information we need so it’s great for them to be able to directly request this from candidates when they apply for a role with us.”

Providing a positive candidate experience was also a priority for Jenni and the team at DOMU Brands.

My favourite part of Webrecruit ATS is the automated emails that get sent out to candidates as they progress through the recruitment process; this never happened with previous systems I used. It’s so important for candidates to be kept updated with the progress of their applications. It can be so disheartening as a candidate when you don’t hear anything back. With Webrecruit ATS, I can always be sure that an acknowledgement email is sent. It’s one of the things that attracted me to the system in the first place and provides a really positive recruitment experience.”

The Results

Since using Webrecruit’s services, DOMU Brands has noticed positive results, including a significant reduction in recruitment spend, improved candidate experience and a more efficient way of managing recruitment for hiring managers.

Our agency spend has decreased dramatically. As we have advertising credits from Webrecruit, I always encourage hiring managers to use these first, where we can usually attract the candidates we need for a fraction of the cost of an agency. The quality of candidates we have attracted has been great.”

Fusion Plus is user-friendly, you can’t go wrong with it. Previous systems that I’ve used didn’t allow me to sort applications into categories, so I would log in and be faced with a screen of 100+ CVs, which was overwhelming. Fusion makes it manageable.”

Final Words

I can’t recommend Webrecruit enough. The service I’ve received is professional, we’ve attracted high calibre candidates and you have a fantastic system. A really good, functional tool.”

– Jenni Welch, HR Manager, DOMU Brands

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