Exmoor National Park Authority

How Webrecruit partnered with Exmoor National Park Authority to modernise their recruitment processes via Webrecruit ATS

The Organisation


Exmoor National Park Authority manages a unique and beautiful part of the country. Their vision is to ensure Exmoor National Park has a thriving living landscape and is a place where people can enjoy and benefit from Exmoor’s special qualities.

The Challenge


We caught up with Ellie Woodcock, HR Advisor for Exmoor National Park Authority, regarding their reasons for utilising Webrecruit ATS, Webrecruit’s very own Applicant Tracking System.


Exmoor National Park Authority had no recruitment technology in place and needed a system which could improve their internal hiring processes, as well as the candidate experience.


“We had no recruitment technology in place, with hiring processes being conducted manually and taking a lot of time. Candidates would be required to fill out and return an application form. Applications would be printed and collated for hiring managers to shortlist, and we would then get in touch with candidates via email or telephone to organise interviews. The process was manual and admin heavy and took up a lot of time. Following the pandemic and more associates working from home, the manual nature of our recruitment processes was no longer fit for purpose.”


Ellie Woodcock, HR Advisor 

The Solution


Exmoor National Park Authority was working with Webrecruit for their recruitment advertising when Webrecruit ATS was referred to them as a solution to help improve their hiring processes.


Exmoor National Park Authority wanted a slick and time-saving solution that would streamline their recruitment processes, as well enable hiring managers to access and process candidates remotely.


“Webrecruit ATS brought about a complete change to our hiring processes. The system saves everyone a lot of time due to Webrecruit ATS being so intuitive and workflows within Webrecruit ATS being so agile. Webrecruit ATS is instantly accessible from anywhere, which is a great advantage for our hiring managers when working remotely. It also has meant that candidates can be accessed at any time, rather than there being a wait for profiles to be collated, printed off, etc.”


After working with Webrecruit for recruitment advertising, Exmoor National Park Authority became aware of Webrecruit ATS from the National Parks HR network as a system that could be used by all National Parks. Exmoor National Park Authority was keen to get using Webrecruit ATS as quickly as possible.


“The Webrecruit team were very informative and helpful in implementing Webrecruit ATS across the Authority and delivered the roll out in a timely manner. Our Account Director regularly kept in touch and was on hand to answer any questions we may have had. Utilising Webrecruit ATS for our hiring processes and candidate management was a complete change for us and we felt completely supported by Webrecruit during that transition period and since.”

The Results


Since partnering with Webrecruit for their Applicant Tracking System needs, Exmoor National Park Authority has transformed how they hire and can see multiple benefits in using the system.


“We have been able to build upon and improve our candidate experience, which is important to us as we are very people-focused organisation and want everyone to have the best experience in engaging with us.”


Since partnering with Webrecruit, Exmoor National Park Authority has:


– Transformed their recruitment processes through online automation and streamlining
– Improved Hiring Manager engagement through Webrecruit ATS’s accessibility
– Saved time and effort by no longer having to follow manual processes
– Improved candidate experiences and engagement regarding their applications

Final Words


“I would definitely recommend Webrecruit ATS as a recruitment software solution, as well recommend Webrecruit themselves for their support and help during the implementation process and since; indeed, we have referred Webrecruit ATS to other organisations due to the intuitive nature of the system and the fact it can get to work quickly”


Ellie Woodcock, HR Advisor

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