Novacyt Group

Partnering with the leading diagnostic product provider to improve its recruitment advertising and build better processes between HR and hiring managers.

The Company


The Novacyt Group is a leader in the field of cellular diagnostics with a growing portfolio of cancer and infectious disease products and services.

The Challenge


We caught up with Kay Campbell, HR Business Partner for Novacyt. Having worked with the business for around nine months, Kay is the main contact within Novacyt when it comes to all day-to-day recruitment matters.

Novacyt has two main challenges when it comes to recruitment. Firstly, due to the nature of their business, they recruit for many specialist roles within the scientific sector, which are notoriously difficult to fill. Additionally, there’s the common challenge of ensuring that hiring managers follow a centralised recruitment process and respond to candidates in a timely fashion.

“I think the struggle is conveying that there isn’t an endless list of potential candidates that will sit there and wait for us to get back to them. It’s pushing the team to get back to them quickly.”

As the business has so many niche roles to recruit for, it’s important that applications are followed up promptly as these candidates will likely get snapped up by other companies.

The Solution


Novacyt’s Group HR Manager approached Webrecruit back in 2017 to use our recruitment advertising services and applicant tracking system, Webrecruit ATS. The main aim was to find a new tool to help Novacyt attract the specialist candidates they needed, as well as improve hiring manager adoption.

The advertising was key for Novacyt; with so many niche roles to recruit for, using specialist recruitment agencies would be expensive, so any vacancies filled via Webrecruit’s advertising service would be much more cost-effective. Novacyt was also allocated an Account Manager from Webrecruit’s team of Resourcers to filter and shortlist candidates.

“Our Account Manager is brilliant. He knows exactly what he’s talking about; he’s confident to turn and provide feedback on our choice of job titles or make suggestions so the role is more searchable for jobseekers. He really does go above and beyond to make what seems impossible, possible.”

Webrecruit ATS was used to manage candidates’ incoming applications and acted as a centralised portal for hiring managers to have direct access to the applications for their roles.

“The thing I like the most about Webrecruit ATS is how user-friendly it is; it’s great for when I have to show new hiring managers how to use it because it’s quick and easy to pick up. Our Account Manager creates a shortlist of suitable candidates within the system, which is really helpful as we’re automatically presented with the best candidates without having to sort through dozens of unsuitable applications.”

The Results


Since partnering with Webrecruit for their online recruitment advertising needs, Novacyt has experienced great success.

“Over the past couple of months we’ve had a huge recruitment influx and have run 11 roles using the Webrecruit service. Out of those 11 roles, we’ve managed to fill nine of them purely through Webrecruit and the candidates have been of a great quality. Webrecruit’s advertising is a really good tool.”

Additionally, Webrecruit ATS has allowed HR and hiring managers to stay more on top of their recruitment.

“I like that I get email notifications telling me the total number of candidates who have applied for our roles, as well as being alerted with new applications. This is useful to help hiring managers to stay on top of potential candidates”

Since working with Webrecruit, Novacyt has achieved:

– Reduced recruitment spend
– Reduced agency usage
– Improved processes to unite HR and hiring managers


So, what’s on the agenda for Novacyt’s recruitment over the next year?

“We want to focus on using the system to its fullest potential,” explains Kay. “We specifically want to focus on using the interview scheduler more, exploring the talent pool functionality and creating our own terms of business to stop agencies contacting me as much.”

Final Words

“Working with Webrecruit has been amazing. You guys give great advice when it comes to copywriting and what job titles to use when advertising roles. You’re always there and happy to speak to hiring managers directly, as well as getting our adverts out on the job boards as quickly as possible. I would definitely recommend you.”

– Kay Campbell, HR Business Partner, Novacyt

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