Find out how Novelplast has benefitted from working with Webrecruit in increasing their recruitment advertising efforts!

The Organisation


Established in 2019, Novelplast was born from a vision to take post-industrial plastic materials and recycle them into an innovative, sustainable product.


Through their pioneering technology and teams, they create exciting solutions that add value and create a better environment for future generations. Currently, Novelplast save thousands of tons of polyester materials from landfill every year and have ambitions to become a world leader in improving plastics sustainability.

The Challenge


We chatted with Kate Blake, General Manager at Novelplast, to find out how they have found working with Webrecruit on their recruitment advertising.


Kate had worked with Webrecruit in previous Organisations, and when scoping out a suitable recruitment advertising partner, it was an obvious choice to get Novelplast working with Webrecruit.


“I came across Webrecruit where I used to work and, from experience, it was as if a weight was lifted off your shoulders. Novelplast was a start up company when I joined, so we had little to work with in terms of attracting quality candidates to our roles. For that reason we started out working with our roles and that worked well for us at the time. But I knew there was a more cost-effective solution out there that delivered results, so reconnecting with Webrecruit seemed like the best course of action.”


Kate Blake, General Manager

The Solution


After reaching out to Webrecruit, it became clear that Webrecruit was a suitable solution for Novelplast’s recruitment advertising needs.


“We had no employer brand or even a company website at the time to provide Webrecruit with, just a job description and some pointers that might help in creating a job advert – this was then handed over to the Copywriting Team at Webrecruit. It was astonishing, and still is, that Webrecruit can turn little information into compelling and engaging adverts that reflect who we are as a business and an employer. Webrecruit really listen to you and turn your requirements into a reality and that is something special!”


Kate Blake, General Manager

The Results


Novelplast quickly felt the benefits of working with Webrecruit and saw an upswing in candidate throughput.


“The candidate market is tough at present, with talent at a premium; despite this, and Novelplast having some potentially difficult roles to fill, we have filled every role we have placed with Webrecruit. There has been real support and focus on getting our advertising right to maximise our chances of securing the best candidates.


If the campaign isn’t pulling the results we need, we know we have dedicated account management and support who check in at various points during the campaign as standard course of action. There is always someone looking at your campaign data and assessing whether a campaign is performing to its optimum and, if not, what can be done to improve that. That attention to detail and level of service is second to none!”


Kate Blake, General Manager

Final Words

“Handing work over to Webrecruit feels like you are handing work over to a trusted colleague; you know Webrecruit truly care about what they do and want to deliver for their clients. Webrecruit Apply is a great way to administer candidates and is a great extension of Webrecruit’s advertising services. In fact, I can say that we have recommended Webrecruit to other organisations and would strongly recommend them to anyone reading this as well!”

Kate Blake, General Manager

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