Premium Credit

How Webrecruit helped the FinTech business transition to a direct sourcing model

The Company


With over 25 years’ experience of helping businesses and individuals spread the cost of their insurance, Premium Credit is the leading insurance premium finance company in the UK and Ireland.

The Challenge


Historically, Premium Credit’s recruitment spend has been high, due to reliance on agencies and no centralised recruitment function within the business. HR were tasked with recruitment, however as a busy department, it was never something that was a priority for them.

Premium Credit approached Webrecruit to help them build out their IT function, support their busy HR department and save money.

We needed a company who could support our existing HR Team with the advertising, branding and service delivery aspects of recruitment, saving them hours of time. We needed a partner who was able to support us, who had flexibility and the right attitude.”

Part of this partnership would mean assisting with the appointment of a dedicated in-house resource. Liam Watts-Burrows, Premium Credit’s In-House Recruiter, was brought into the business to support the transition to a direct sourcing model and help the company overcome their recruitment hurdles.

Our first challenge was to save money, which is our whole reason for switching to direct sourcing. Secondly, we needed to attract candidates and build a strong culture and environment. We’re based in Leatherhead, next to London, so it’s been tough attracting candidates in such a competitive market. We’re a relatively unknown entity so it was important to make our brand stand out.”

The Solution


Webrecruit introduced a number of solutions that would help the Premium Credit’s transition to direct sourcing.

The first was putting together a dedicated team, who would support Liam and Premium Credit’s recruitment efforts, comprising an Account Manager and dedicated Resourcer. The team would make recommendations to the company’s advertising strategy, create effective job adverts and screen incoming applicants.

I only have positive things to say about our Account Manager and Resourcer; they really care, are very supportive and they just want to get things right. They go above and beyond and are constantly coming up with new ideas and recommendations. They have great knowledge of the market.”

The next step was to develop an advertising strategy that would help to attract candidates for Premium Credit’s diverse range of vacancies and raise awareness of their brand as an employer of choice. Webrecruit’s Account Manager developed custom advertising credit packages for vacancies, where all job adverts were branded across a selection of generalist and specialist job boards, depending on the role in question.

The ability to customise advertising packages is a really good part of the Webrecruit service. Recruitment is so bespoke and a tailored selection of job boards is key. This really sets you apart from your competitors.”

The Premium Credit team also began using Webrecruit’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help simplify the recruitment process between Liam, the HR Team and the hiring managers within the business.

Webrecruit ATS is simple, easy-to-use and it looks good. As a recruiter, I’ve used a lot of ATSs and I like the ability to customise branding with your company colours. It’s been really useful; I like that you can post your own jobs, even vacancies that aren’t being handled by Webrecruit.”

The Results


Since partnering with Webrecruit, Premium Credit has gone on to achieve substantial cost savings and filled a wide range of vacancies, including sales, marketing, training, management and apprentice positions, as well as some of the more technical roles, such as Scrum Masters.

We’ve achieved substantial cost savings and I think it’s encouraged a culture internally of direct sourcing rather than using agencies. We’ve also noticed a quicker time-to-hire thanks to a more streamlined recruitment process. Our Resourcer is on top of applications and always hurrying me along with candidate feedback and assessments. We’re hiring much quicker; our HR team are a bit taken aback by how quickly I’m firing offers at them!”

Final Words

I would definitely recommend Webrecruit. The relationship that we’ve formed has been invaluable. I think a lot of people have misconceptions about what you guys do; you’re not a traditional recruiter but you solve massive problems for businesses like ours.”

– Liam Watts-Burrows, In-House Recruiter,  Premium Credit

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