Discover why Redthread partner with Webrecruit for their recruitment advertising

The Organisation


Redthread is an innovative youth work charity that empowers young people to be healthy, safe and happy.


They empower young people to thrive as they navigate the challenging transition to adulthood by integrating trauma-informed youth work into the health sector.

The Challenge


We chatted with Jodie Hastie, Operations Manager at Redthread, to discover how Webrecruit’s recruitment advertising services support them in their hiring aims.


“We at Redthread were proactively looking for a supplier to support us with our recruitment, ideally without the cost of traditional recruitment agencies and with more focus on recruitment advertising to increase the reach of our job advertisements. We did start working with another recruitment advertising firm but found the turnaround times on advert creation and job posting were not ideal. With this in mind, we needed a supplier who could deliver, fast.”


Jodie Hastie, Operations Manager

The Solution


Whilst looking into an alternative supplier, Webrecruit reached out to Redthread to see if we could support them with their recruitment advertising endeavors. And the rest is history.


“As soon as we started speaking to Webrecruit, it was clear they knew what we needed, how they would make it happen and how we would get the results we needed. As soon as we sent our first job advertisement over to be posted to the boards, the proposed job board and service bundle sent to us was easy to understand and impressively priced. The role was posted fast, and we started receiving candidates swiftly. This is exactly what we were looking for!


We have a strong presence in London, so a lot of our focus has been on improving candidate throughput in the midlands, and Webrecruit has been able to help with our understanding of the labour market and where to advertise.”


Jodie Hastie, Operations Manager

The Results


Since partnering with Webrecruit to deliver their recruitment advertising, Redthread has experienced tangible results from our combined efforts.


“Webrecruit always deliver recruitment advertising campaigns that are fit for purpose and effective. Some more specialist roles can be tricky to decide where to advertise and how to position; that thinking is all provided for us by Webrecruit and we receive bespoke advice for each role.”


Jodie Hastie, Operations Manager

Final Words


“Webrecruit is easy to recommend. They are effortless to use and engage with, they are efficient in all they do and their service is second to none. I feel our contacts really understand what Redthread is about and what we are trying to achieve, both as an employer, as well as an organisation.”


Jodie Hastie, Operations Manager

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