Westcountry Case Management

Find out about Westcountry Case Management’s experiences with Webrecruit.

The Organisation


Westcountry Case Management provide a specialist case management service to support people in reaching their goals, for adults and children with brain, complex physical and psychological injury.


Their ambition is to inspire clients, relatives and professionals alike by consistently attaining excellent outcomes; supporting people with compassion and kindness.

The Challenge


We chatted with Clare Turner, HR Assistant, at Westcountry Case Management about their experience in partnering with Webrecruit to support their recruitment advertising and onboarding of Webrecruit ATS as their Applicant Tracking System.


When Clare joined the team at Westcountry Case Management, she had come from previous ways of working which involved processing candidates via spreadsheets and having very manual processes. Upon joining Westcountry Case Management, Clare discovered that the organisation was already working with Webrecruit.


“When I first joined, I was expecting a similar set-up to my previous roles, and it was such a breath of fresh air when I discovered Webrecruit ATS, and advertising services were already in place! I was used to processing candidates in databases and remembering to contact them via calendar reminders, so having a working solution in place already was great.”


Clare Turner, HR Officer

The Solution


Whilst thinking about exploring other options, it became clear to Clare quite quickly why Webrecruit ATS and Webrecruit’s recruitment advertising solutions were so fit for purpose for Westcountry Case Management.


“Webrecruit ATS from the get-go was already up and running and fully functioning. The system was and is so easy to use and candidates can glide through their applications, making for a positive experience for all parties involved. Filtering is so easy and the automated emails to candidates to alert them of where they are at in the application process is a real time-saver. It is also beneficial that we can notify Webrecruit via Webrecruit ATS that we also need support with advertising a specific role, literally at the touch of the button.


And this is where Webrecruit’s recruitment advertising solutions come into play. Not having too much knowledge regarding job boards, platforms and recruitment advertising, the team at Webrecruit are so knowledgeable and helpful and give us workable recommendations at a cost-effective price point.”


Clare Turner, HR Officer

The Results


As Webrecruit ATS users, and being supported with recruitment advertising, Westcountry Case Management has seen real benefits in working with Webrecruit and continues to see them with every recruitment campaign run.


“With Webrecruit’s support with recruitment advertising and the intuitive nature of Webrecruit ATS, we have definitely seen improvements to candidates’ experience, as well time-to-hire and improved fill rates. Some roles can be tricky to fill and we always find that Webrecruit is on hand to help.


The quality of the adverts created for us is of a high standard – the wording, formatting and tone is always on point and the adverts are returned to us for review very speedily, whilst retaining that focus on quality and really understanding our roles and what we are trying to achieve. I think it is also important to note that we have had only a small number of issues with Webrecruit ATS, which have been quickly resolved and this is a sign of how good Webrecruit ATS is!”


Clare Turner, HR Officer

Final Words


“Webrecruit is a one-stop shop and solution for all our recruitment advertising and hiring software needs. Whereas I have been used to doing everything manually, Webrecruit receives a request from us and takes it from there – it is completely effortless!”


Clare Turner, HR Officer

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