5 Things That Need to Be on Your Careers Page

5 Things That Need to Be On Your Careers Page

A careers page is an excellent tool to help give your candidate attraction strategy a boost.

Careers pages are slightly different to careers sites but their overarching purpose is the same; to act as a destination for jobseekers to apply for your roles.

They can deliver a multitude of benefits, particularly to your employer brand and candidate application levels.

If you’ve decided to create a careers page but you’re not sure what information you should be including on it, try using our five points below as a mini-checklist:


1. A list of your current opportunities (and details of how to apply)

One of the most important (and perhaps obvious) things that your careers page should include is details of the current open positions at your company. Depending on your hiring volume, you might want to categorise the links to the open positions by sector, for example ‘Customer Service’ or ‘IT’.

Each link would usually open in a separate page where you can view the specific job advert for each vacancy.
It’s also really important to provide jobseekers with details of how to apply as, depending on whether you have an applicant tracking system (ATS) installed, the application process may vary slightly.

If you are using an ATS, you can simply insert an apply button where candidates will be taken through your system to submit their details for the role. If you’re not using an applicant tracking system and you’re accepting CVs by email, it’s worth just popping in some instructions, for example:

“To submit an application for this vacancy, please email your CV and covering letter to iwantajob@yourbusiness.com.”

Make sure to include any specific instructions, for example a particular subject line that emails need to have and any additional attachments, such as a portfolio or examples of previous work, depending on the vacancy.


2. Information about what it’s like to work for your business

How big is your team? What are your offices like? How long have you been operating for?

If someone’s interested in a role that you’re advertising, there’s a good chance that they’re going to want to know a bit more about your company and what it’s like to work for you.

Think of your careers page as an extra chance to talk about your reputation – consider including a link to your company’s Glassdoor page (if you have one), as they’re a great way of building trust and letting your existing employees give recommendations.

In your job advert, it’s important to be concise and not overload the reader with information. However, on your careers page you can talk about your culture, your offices and your values as much as you like.


3. Images

Try to include some images on your careers page. Not only do images break up the text but they’ll also allow potential applicants to visualise themselves working for your business.

If you have a great looking office, take photos to show it off! However, if your offices aren’t anything special, don’t worry; try including some pictures of your team, any events your company has held or anything that really showcases the identity of your company.


4. Existing employee testimonials

Try talking to your existing staff and ask them what they love about working for your business. Think of your employees as your company ambassadors.

Insert quotations from them on your careers page, talking about their favourite parts of working for your business. It’s also a good idea to include images of your employees to evoke a feeling of personality and authenticity.

If you wanted to take it one step further, you could always conduct short interviews with long-serving employees and feature these on your careers page. They’re a good way of showcasing your development and progression prospects (as well as highlighting your employee retention levels).


5. Your company benefits

Do you have a great benefits package? If your business offers a competitive pension scheme, here is the place to talk about it.

Don’t panic if your benefits package is limited – think about other perks. Do you have a fantastic coffee machine, for example? Or do you get fresh fruit deliveries? Do you offer flexi-time?

These are all brilliant things that can seriously attract someone to want to come and work for you.


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