Candidate attraction made simple

Create your vacancies within Webrecruit ATS, set up your screening questions and post to a selection of free job boards in seconds. For maximum exposure, purchase bespoke job board advertising packages from Webrecruit directly and send your jobs to us to post on your behalf.

Create your job advert


Quickly set up your role, assign hiring managers and input key details including salary, working hours and location. Most importantly, tell your applicants what the job involves and why your company is a great place to work!

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Post Job Adverts Quicker

Customise your application process


An online, mobile-optimised application form makes it much easier for candidates to apply for your roles. Create your application form and choose from mandatory questions, killer questions, equal opportunities questions, free text and checkbox questions (and many more!) to help you assess applicants efficiently. You can also make your application process multi-lingual, by using language packs for French, German, Spanish, Welsh and Irish.

Quickly post to job board aggregators


Once you’ve set up your job, don’t keep it hidden away; Webrecruit ATS allows you to post your roles to a selection of job board aggregators with the click of a button so you can start receiving applications immediately.

job board advertising
job board advertising

Display on careers site


You no longer need to rely on your IT or Marketing teams to add your latest vacancies to your website. If you’re a Webrecruit careers site customer, post your role to your careers site via your ATS or remove it with just a couple of simple clicks.

Social media sharing


Sharing your roles on social media is a great way of attracting passive jobseekers and reaching the advocates of your company. Share your latest job postings to your company’s LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages with the click of a button.

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Quickly post to premium job boards


Post to your job boards of choice via our integration with Idibu or take advantage of Webrecruit’s integrated online recruitment advertising solutions. Our award-winning job board advertising service reaches a huge range of leading mainstream and specialist platforms has been used by over 8,000 companies to attract the high quality candidates they need.

Track candidate sources via unique application URLs


If you’re already working in partnership with digital advertising suppliers, Webrecruit ATS can generate unique application URLs to enable accurate source tracking. This will allow you to see the advertising platforms that are performing well and the job boards you might be wasting your budget on.

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