Manage your vacancy approvals process with job requisition software

A structured vacancy authorisation process ensures effective workforce planning. Raise job requisitions and manage the job requisition process within Webrecruit ATS to help co-ordinate your HR, finance and hiring departments and ensure new roles can be approved quickly and funds allocated appropriately.

Raise job requisition requests


Hiring managers can raise job requisitions via Webrecruit ATS, specifying the reason for recruitment, the number of hires they wish to make and any special recruitment advertising requirements they might have. This ensures that all approving parties receive identical information about the role and a full audit trail is logged, while simplifying the job requisition process.

job requisition process
job requisition process

Create custom approval workflows


Webrecruit ATS allows you to set-up simple or sophisticated, multi-stage approval workflows for each type of role within your business. Workflows can be automatically assigned to different categories of jobs and can be customised to mimic your existing requisition process.

Set up your vacancy approvers


Approvers can approve the requisition, send it back for suggested changes or reject the request entirely. Webrecruit ATS Super Users can also approve requisitions on behalf of an Approver to avoid hold-ups in cases of absence or annual leave.

job requisition process
job requisition process

Full audit trail


Each stage of the vacancy approval process is logged on the system, allowing you to easily see the status of any current requests and view any comments from Approvers.

Report on your requisitions


Webrecruit ATS allows you to check the status and history of all requisitions within the Requisitions Raised report on the Reporting dashboard so you can keep track of your average time to outcome.

job requisition process

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