5 proven methods for boosting employee loyalty

Video interview mediaThere’s no better type of employee than a loyal employee. Loyalty may not be one of the uppermost factors that you incorporate in your direct sourcing strategy, but it certainly should be.
After all, your company will end up many thousands of pounds poorer over time if that supposedly dream staffer ends up leaving just a few months down the line, forcing you to start the recruitment process all over again.
With that in mind, here are five lesser-cited ways to maximise the likelihood that your workers will stay by your side.

1. Being selective in your hiring

Don’t just hire the first person who matches two thirds of the skills and characteristics outlined in the person specification. After all, is this person truly enthusiastic about, and a believer in your organisation? Are they likely to fit in well with your company culture, or stick out like a sore thumb?

2. Meeting up with employees regularly

Often, a worker’s reasons for leaving have been brewing, unaddressed, for a while, and could have been resolved much earlier if you had simply arranged weekly check-ins with that employee, giving them an opportunity to voice concerns and reflect on their overall level of job satisfaction.

3. Being constructive in your criticism

Remember that any criticism of your employees should always be aired with the objective of helping them to improve – don’t operate a ‘blame culture’ at your firm. Instead, provide the most practical and useful advice, framed positively, while always considering the best interests of your wider team and organisation.

4. Paying a decent wage

Fair enough, so simply throwing more dough at a staffer won’t, by itself, turn them into a doting loyal employee if they are bored by their job or simply don’t believe in your company’s mission. Nonetheless, giving your employees a decent wage should be a key part of your wider efforts to show visible appreciation for what they do.

5. Celebrate staff members’ milestones

Has a given worker served your firm for five years now? Brilliant! Show how thankful you are for their diligent work over such a long period of time by actually formally marking the important anniversary in some way. A proper recognition program, by which your longer-serving workers are given a bonus and rewarded in front of their peers, can do a lot to keep them on your payroll.
Remember that your workplace needs to be a positive environment in which your team members have the freedom to thrive, and know that their efforts will be recognised and rewarded in some way.
Loyal employees don’t just stay with you for longer – they also help to make a big positive difference to your bottom line!


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