The Code of Conduct between HR and Line Managers: 3 Things to Consider

shutterstock_244539718When recruiting a new member of staff as a HR professional, the likelihood is you’ll have a system in place. This is why it can be off putting when stakeholders sidestep this when trying to speed up recruitment activities.
Although line managers may do this if they are trying to save time, it is important to follow the HR and recruitment process correctly. These processes are there for a reason, and avoiding them could cause delays when recruiting or could even result a bad hire. This, in turn, increases the time that you are taking to recruit, as well as your cost-per-hire.
A code of conduct is a handy solution to this, which provides a process that your lines managers can follow. This also stops irritation coming from your HR and recruitment personnel.
This code of conduct will make sure that the stakeholders across the business involved in recruitment will know what they have to do, ensuring a more straight forward work flow.
Each code of conduct is dependent on the size of the business and your requisition process. It is important for line managers and stakeholders to understand why such processes are there and why they are to be adhered to. Webrecruit suggests the following, to make sure this happens:

1. Emphasise why your requisition process is important

Make sure that line managers in your business know each stage of the requisition approval procedure when they need to get sign off for a new position.
This process may differ between organisations, depending on their size; some may just pass approval requests through to HR whereas others will need requests to be signed off by several people within the firm.
Not only is the requisition process important for signing off a new vacancy, it enables organisations to monitor recruitment within the business and provide the necessary documentation supporting metrics and audit trails.

2. Straight forward communication

To ensure that recruitment processes are communicated clearly, it helps to have good working relationships. Successful relationships at work result in a more efficient procedure through better communications.
If you’re putting together a job advert or screening candidates, it is vital to take note of the requirements put forward by the line manager to make sure you are attracting the right people.

3. Think about investing in tech

Too long a requisition process can affect your recruitment activities. If approval request forms are taking a long time to be checked, it could be time to purchase an ATS (applicant tracking system).
With an ATS, vacancies can be signed off at the click of a button, reducing your time to hire tenfold. It also means vacancies are simpler to monitor, data is logged accurately and it will be easier for you to pull important HR metrics.
Looking into purchasing an ATS? Why not see what Webrecruit Ireland can do for you. Find out more.

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