Why is company culture so important?

shutterstock_220586725Many companies will spend hours behind a desk perfecting their USP, and then further polishing the strategies and procedures to support it. This may well position the business as an industry leader, but is it your products and processes that attract the best workforce?
As technology advances, and there are more windows of opportunity, job seekers are looking for more than just a company that will provide financial comfort. People are looking for a workplace that has a culture that has strong values and is enjoyable to work in.
Webrecruit Ireland explores ways in which you can ensure that you are showcasing an attractive company culture. Doing this right will give you and your recruitment strategies a key USP to secure the top talent.

1. Communicate an open door policy

Communication is key in any work situation, but it can be particularly important when things become challenging in the office. Making staff aware that you are available for support can ensure that they will feel more comfortable in asking for help and advice to help resolve issues more easily.

2. Offer opportunities

Professional development can offer rewards for both the employee and the business owner. It offers the opportunity to feed the success hungry employees, but also therefore improve the assets of the company.
Offer opportunities to train your staff if you can – those who are seeking advancement within the company will appreciate the effort and hopefully mirror your desire to improve the business.

3. Be flexible

Flexibility is not always possible depending on the nature of your business. However, if this is something that can be showcased within your firm, it will entice outside talent to your company. Flexibility can also improve productivity levels as studies have shown that staff will manage their time more effectively and ‘work smarter.’

4. Make the most of your student staff

If you are a business that takes on university placement students, or has an annual graduate recruitment drive, make the most of this. Provide these members of staff with training and exciting opportunities where possible, as more often than not these staff members are going to be the ones who are committed to climbing the employment ladder within your firm. Today’s student could be tomorrow’s employee.

5. Celebrate success

Celebrating success will motivate staff to do the best job possible. This does not always have to a monetary gesture – it can be as simple as an email or a blog post for the smaller wins, and perhaps something outside of the office for the bigger accomplishments.
Your reputation as an employer can have a detrimental impact on your ability to recruit. Make sure you are offering a company culture that will not only attract new staff, but will keep the talent you already have.


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