Improve your candidate journey

Providing a great candidate experience should be high on the priority list for any employer. Webrecruit ATS provides a seamless candidate journey throughout the entire recruitment process, from application to onboarding.

Fully branded journey


From branded application forms to branded email communications, Webrecruit ATS places your company’s logo and corporate colours at the forefront of your candidate-facing assets, ensuring a consistent experience.

Simple, mobile-friendly application process


Webrecruit ATS integrates with Googledrive and Dropbox, allowing candidates to easily submit their CV, no matter what device they’re using. Candidates can also take advantage Webrecruit’s integration with CV-Library’s ATS Apply feature to speed up the application process.

Easy access to application history


Provide an easy way for candidates to check the status of their own applications. By simply logging into their account, candidates can view, at a glance, the list of roles they’ve applied for, when they applied and the current status of their application.

Easily gather candidate feedback


Obtain real-time feedback on your recruitment process by sending candidate feedback surveys via Webrecruit ATS. Candidates can rate the experience they’ve had with your company, allowing you to continuously make improvements to your candidate journey.

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