Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Boost your EDI efforts with Webrecruit’s technology and advertising solutions.

Greater Diversity Starts With Recruiting

The solutions within Webrecruit's hiring platform can arm your company with all the tools to help you improve the diversity of your hiring. Here's how.

Online Recruitment Advertising

Webrecruit has formed partnerships with specialist diversity job boards and honed our copywriting strategy to ensure your job adverts are inclusive.

Webrecruit’s advertising enables you to:

  • Advertise on specialist diversity media to show your commitment to equality
  • Create engaging job adverts to tap into underrepresented talent pools
  • Improve the inclusivity of the language of your job adverts

Applicant Tracking System

Take advantage of recruitment technology that helps you to anonymise applications and measure your progress against diversity goals.

Webrecruit ATS enables you to:

  • Reduce unconscious bias via blind hiring methods
  • Easily collaborate with your team about hiring decisions
  • Measure the diversity of applicants by department, date range and more

Careers Sites

Compelling careers content can showcase your ethos and values, and a clear, easy-to-navigate careers site ensures your vacancies are accessible to everyone.

Webrecruit’s careers sites enable you to:

  • Show your commitment to diversity and inclusion in your workplace
  • Make your application process accessible to all devices via responsive design
  • Improve the user experience through uncluttered navigation and signposting
The recruitment market is broken when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Webrecruit is tackling this by providing EDI tools and solutions for clients (and competitors) so that we can all fix this.

Elizabeth Balgobin | Interim Head of EDI, Institute of Fundraising

Webrecruit have been a great support to us in helping us target BAME and disabled applicants for roles. We have seen a significant increase in applications from these groups since involving Webrecruit in our recruitment.

Sheila Kenny | Facilities and Human Resources Manager, Locality

A number of our clients like to include equality questions when candidates are applying; Webrecruit ATS makes it extremely easy not only to set up equality questions but also to report and deliver analysis on the job campaign.

Dave Gore | Internal and Apprenticeship Consultant, GK Apprenticeships

Webrecruit's beneficial reporting tools help us to analyse and monitor equality data via the application process.

Karen McGuire | People & Governance Coordinator, Street League

Webrecruit supports The Gambling Commission by offering excellent advice and a wide range of EDI media options to ensure we are showcasing our jobs to a diverse community. Without their help we probably wouldn’t reach the audience that we do.

Feona Veys | Recruitment Partner, Gambling Commission

Great Tools Powering Diverse Teams

Webrecruit’s hiring platform comprises solutions and features to help you achieve your diversity goals and, most importantly, monitor your progress moving forwards. Whether you want to connect with people from underrepresented talent pools or ensure your hiring process complies with equality regulations, we’ve got you covered.

EDI Solutions That Deliver Real Benefits

Discover how Webrecruit's EDI solutions can benefit your company:

Boost Performance

Boost Performance

Diverse teams bring diverse ideas and experiences, which helps you to improve, innovate and understand your customers more.

Improve Employer Brand

Improve Employer Brand

An inclusive and diverse workplace is more attractive to candidates and creates a better impression of your brand.

Access Wider Talent Pools

Access Wider Talent Pools

By ensuring that your hiring process is open and accessible for all, your talent pool becomes much bigger.

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