Communicate easily with your candidates

Communication is crucial when it comes to providing a good candidate experience; however, we know it can be difficult to maintain contact with large volumes of applicants. Webrecruit ATS is packed full of handy features that make it easier to stay in touch with your candidates.

Customise email templates


Communicate quickly and consistently with your candidates by setting up your own library of email templates within Webrecruit ATS. Choose from a list of placeholders to pull through key information that’s unique to each candidate and the role they’ve applied for.

Email templates

Automate your email communications


Save time by setting emails to automatically send to candidates when they’ve progressed to a particular stage in the recruitment pipeline. You can turn these automations on or off to suit your company’s unique processes.

Send SMS updates


Reduce your risk of interview no-shows by sending reminders and notifications to candidates via SMS functionality with Webrecruit’s Icetrak SMS integration. It’s more difficult to miss a text than it is an email, after all!

Communicate with multiple candidates at once


Send emails to dozens of candidates at once with the click of a button, saving you hours of time. Emails will populate with candidates’ individual details and will ensure unified communications are delivered across your applicant pool.

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