GDPR compliant recruitment software that protects your business and your candidates

Having a fully compliant recruitment process has never been more important; Webrecruit ATS can help your business remain in line with data protection and equality regulations.

GDPR compliant application process


When making an application via Webrecruit ATS, all candidates are immediately presented with your company’s own privacy policy so they know exactly how their data will be processed and stored in line with GDPR.

gdpr compliant recruitment software
talent pool management software

Ad-hoc data deletion


Webrecruit ATS stores and structures candidate data so it can be easily identified and deleted with the click of a button when requested.

Automated data deletion cycle


Set candidate data to expire automatically after an allotted period of time to ensure you’re not holding on to personal data any longer than necessary.

gdpr compliant recruitment software
gdpr compliant recruitment software

Hide PII from hiring managers


To minimise any potential bias in your team, select whether you want Personally Identifiable Information to be obscured from hiring managers when reviewing applications.

Run equal opportunities reports


Monitor your organisation’s diversity efforts by running equal opportunities reports on all data within Webrecruit ATS. Alternatively, you can report on diversity by job, department, date range or candidate stage.

gdpr compliant recruitment software

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