3 simple ways to add to your firm’s talent pool


Of the many ways to enhance your company’s online recruitment and talent acquisition, one of the best is to invest in the creation of the most in-depth talent pools.
‘Talent pools’ are shortlists of people who you aren’t actively considering for a role at your firm at the moment, but who may be suitable for a position with you in the future. Nor is there any excuse for not building talent pools – not even a lack of time or the perceived difficulty of doing so.
To demonstrate what we mean, here are three quick and easy ways to fill your own Irish company’s talent pools.

1. Taking another look at past applicants

Those who have applied for positions at your company in the past are ‘safe bets’ – they’ve expressed an interest in your firm before, they identify with your employer brand and you’ve presumably assessed them for suitability in the past as well.
It’s therefore a fairly simple process to add some of the ‘silver medallist’ candidates to your talent pools. When an opening does come up for which one of the candidates is well-matched, you will have reduced your hiring cycle as well as your costs.

2. Gathering leads from events

While events are certainly a great way of attracting potential candidates to register with you and provide their details, it’s easy to leave all of that information languishing somewhere. Surely, it’s worth more than just using it for the occasional email blast?
It’s probably far better to put all of those contacts into a talent pool. After all, this will also enable you to keep track of how many registrants at a particular event go on to apply for jobs with you, which will allow you to determine your return on investment (ROI) for different events.

3. Consolidating sourcing lists

When your team is involved in direct sourcing, it’s so easy for candidate leads to get lost among a load of spreadsheets and LinkedIn projects. It might therefore be a good idea to run a sourcing audit, asking your team to submit the various spreadsheets, notes and scraps of paper on which they are working.
All of that data can then be drawn into one, central, easy-to-use talent pool – ready for talent acquistion.
There you go – just three ways of starting to build effective talent pools, even before you’ve got an overarching strategic strategy for them. Use Webrecruit Ireland’s Fusion software package to build yours even more efficiently, in close accordance with your specific needs from online recruitment in Belfast.




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