How to Convince Candidates to Relocate

Hand ShakeAsk all manner of Irish companies currently using a recruitment advertising agency to find talent, and many of them will likely lament their apparent inability to get some of the best candidates to relocate.

Especially when your firm is based in one of the less glamorous parts of Ireland, rather than a big city.

It’s a shame that persuading great candidates to relocate can be so tricky, but that doesn’t make it impossible.

Indeed, with the current job market favouring graduates over employers, getting good people to move to your location could be crucial to your business’s success – so how exactly do you achieve that?

Sell both the Job and the Location

When you are trying to convince people from outside your firm’s immediate geographical area to apply for your vacancies, there are two things that you ultimately need to sell: the job and the place.

With regard to the former, your job advert should be more than just a list of attributes that you desire in your ideal employee. It should create the impression that this job is a brilliant opportunity, for which it is well worth moving.

But it’s even better if you can convince those great candidates out there to apply for your vacancy because of your job’s location, rather than despite it.

So, quiz your current employees on what they and their families love about your business’s city or region. Are there certain recreational opportunities or attractions that they like to take advantage of on weekends? Is the area especially affordable, known for its low crime rate or even historically interesting?

Then, it’s time to get targeting

Remember that you aren’t just researching these positive characteristics of your area for the sake of it. You’re doing it so that you can incorporate it into your recruitment advertising and in the process, find a receptive audience.

With solutions like Facebook ads allowing you to target people by interest and geographical location, you can appeal to those who, for example, are seeking sales roles and also love the great outdoors.

You may also use Google Alerts to be notified of news articles about job losses in your field, which will enable you to target those unlucky people with your advertising at just the right time.

Persuade Candidates to Relocate

If you would like to build on these basics of getting good candidates to relocate in partnership with a leading recruitment advertising agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Webrecruit Ireland. We’ll help you to get so much more from your hiring efforts.

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