How interview feedback forms can help you to separate the best candidates

shutterstock_237606895The interview stage should be just one part of the hiring process for your company – not least because throughout each candidate interview, you should be taking notes, recording answers and preparing your information for a thorough evaluation afterwards.
The best way to evaluate your candidates after the interview stage is with a feedback form and a scheduled time dedicated to comparing the applicants and possibly discussing them with your colleagues in your wider HR or recruitment team.

More easily compare the merits of different candidates

Feedback forms can help you to reveal a candidate’s history of success outside of the list of important-sounding titles that they have provided on their CV. Your notes and feedback can also help you to compare candidates’ technical abilities and indicate whether each one would be a good cultural fit for your business.
However, not all businesses actually use feedback forms as part of their recruitment process, with many firms feeling that they simply aren’t necessary.
This is a shame, because feedback forms can enhance the hiring process of any kind of company, whether a huge conglomerate or humble boutique. At its core, a feedback form presents a basic side-by-side comparison of your interview candidates, showing who gave the best answers to your questions and what their strengths are.

Feedback forms help to guard against unwanted bias

Having all of the aforementioned information in front of you helps you to keep track of each candidate’s abilities. This can otherwise be quite tricky when you have interviewed dozens or even hundreds of suitable applicants.
In the absence of feedback forms and a subsequent discussion of the relative merits of the various candidates, even the most trivial biases could affect your eventual hiring decision – with potentially disastrous results.
Your attitude towards a certain candidate, days after you have spoken to them face-to-face, could be skewed by such trivial matters as whether you had your coffee in the morning, or the other responsibilities or stresses that you have had to deal with that day.
Keep a more objective viewpoint when deciding on candidates by putting time aside and preparing a thorough analysis of all of the candidates’ desirable and undesirable qualities.

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