How to keep your employees’ careers moving forward

Any company that has ever used a recruitment agency in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland or Northern Ireland has probably previously had that employee on their books who was just too good not to promote. Indeed, if you fail to give such high-performing workers a greater level of responsibility, they may not be as engaged, satisfied and productive as they could be.
Here are some excellent ways to prevent your most accomplished staffers hitting a frustrating ‘plateau’ in their careers at your company.

Encourage them to apply for internal vacancies

Sometimes, an existing employee at your firm can be hesitant to apply for any new opportunities you have available, for fear of upsetting their current higher-ups.
It’s your responsibility, then, to lessen their fears and make clear that you don’t merely accept, but actually welcome internal applicants for your roles. After all, they already know your company and are well-embedded in its culture, so this approach brings great advantages to your business, too.

Pay attention to what your employees are good at

With the Irish economy having bounced back in recent years from its previous period of struggle in the late 2000s, jobseekers are in a stronger position than they once were.
Nonetheless, there may still be a few people on your firm’s payroll who are in a lower-level job than befits their talent – perhaps workers who could do with a cross-training or experience in a slightly different role.
You might not have a vacancy for that employee right now, but even just having them on one of your other teams for a few hours a week could give both them and your company some vital fresh inspiration.

Don’t allow your workers to get too comfortable

Sure, there may be certain employees of yours who are happy to carry on doing what they’ve always done for years and years, but others may yearn for fresh challenges and opportunities to learn new skills.
So if there’s a big industry conference coming up, for instance, don’t just send the same person you always send – give someone else a chance to learn from and be stimulated by such an experience.
Or if your firm has the budget for it, why not enrol some of your workers on a training course or give them money towards choosing their own continuing education, subject to your approval?
Your employees really are your greatest resource, and when you choose the right recruitment agency in Belfast, Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland, you can maximise your chances of hiring the right people, too. Get in touch with the Webrecruit Ireland team today.

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