Monthly Motivation: Marie Lacey, Director of Belfast Community Gospel Choir

Choir-in-Pink-without-logo-300x159Every month at Webrecruit Ireland we are going to interview someone who has been successful in their chosen career. Hopefully this will help to inspire any of our readers who are trying to succeed in their field, build their business or just motivate you to dream bigger.
Following on from our article about the best choirs in Ireland, we have interviewed the director of Belfast Community Gospel Choir, Marie Lacey. A household name in her own right, Marie Lacey is a renowned performer across Northern Ireland and toured extensively throughout the United States. In 2009, she formed Belfast Community Gospel Choir, which was an accumulation of many years of dreams, hard work and sheer faith.

What was your school experience like?    

It was very fun- I really enjoyed school but probably because I never worked hard enough! I haven’t a certificate to my name but that has never mattered. I’ve always been a hard worker!

What was your first job?    

I was a Pricing Clerk in the Stewarts Supermarkets (which were later bought over by Tesco). Not a musical start but everyone has one of those jobs when they are young! (The Webrecuit Team agree the good old newspaper round was a hit in the office!)

How did you “make it” to where you are now?  

Sheer hard work! It took a long time to get to where I am now but I never gave up on my dream, no matter how long it was taking!
Marie talks about her dreams and starting Belfast Community Gospel Choir in a TED x Stormont video:

What is the hardest aspect of your job?    

Time management! Having a choir is amazing but as we grow in numbers and our engagements become more frequent, there comes a lot of paper-work, meetings and general administration. This is in addition to choir rehearsals, concerts, private functions…. And actually sitting down at the piano to arrange new music! However, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Best moment of your career so far?    

On our recent tour to New York to sing at the New Belfast/ New York conference, we visited a beautiful (and large!) church in Harlem, New York. My choir had been invited to sing at the Sunday morning service, which was a great honour. What happened on that stage just left me awe struck- it was the moment I realised that every bump in the road in my life had lead me this amazing moment. Like I said earlier- never give up on your dreams!!

What inspires and motivates you?    

My faith, great music, laughter, non-judgmental people.

If you could own any business in Ireland, what would you like to own?   

The Odyssey Arena! I could book all of my favourite acts… and obviously my choir could do a concert every now and then!

What advice would you give to talented people who are looking to succeed in their chosen profession?   

ALWAYS believe you can achieve your goal.  Actively surround yourself with positive people who have integrity and won’t lie to you. ALWAYS be truthful to yourself and others. Receive constructive criticism graciously but NEVER take on board words of condemnation or negativity.
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