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Pay Rise TipsIf you are currently in a job and feel you’ve done enough to bag yourself that all important raise? How will you fight your corner in order to show your true worth within your current job role?
Plucking up the courage to request a pay rise affects the best of people, no matter what position you hold within the company. It can be difficult to tailor your approach in a manner were it doesn’t make the person feel uncomfortable asking. Creating your own plan of action and keeping control makes a big difference. Here are examples of what it takes to make the killer pitch and boost your pay to benefit your long term future.

Know what you are worth

Illustrating previous work projects that you have either taken part in or taken charge of, were your value to the company is clear to see and being able to back this up by having a case prepared will set you in good stead. The feeling of worth and the sufficient effort you are putting in day to day, especially when you’re giving 100% each day. However the way you may view your own progress against others in the same industry, may not be seen as the same as what your manager considers progress. See how you compare with a salary checker and this is included in many generic job boards.

List your accomplishments

Year by year progression in your current job role, accomplishments and new challenges you take on plays a major part in the process of making your case for a pay rise. If you have no evidence that demonstrates anything of value at work, then you will more than likely be given a polite no. Pay particular emphasise to projects you’ve worked on, and how you contributed to solving any issues that arose.

Timing & delivery is everything

Choosing the right time will go a long way in helping you successfully gain the pay rise you consider satisfactory for the work you have produced. By politely asking your manager for a moment of his/her time and, being positive, not arrogant, will help the situation not seem as important as it may look to be. Showing little excitement or enjoyment of your job won’t make a first good impression for yourself when you’re trying to sell your value to the organisation. Expressing your enjoyment for your job, and then launching into discussing your achievements and your desire for a pay rise, will help you in the quest for an improved salary.

Persistency pays

Everyone experiences rejection, whether from a job promotion you weren’t successful with or day to day issues you have faced. If you’re a top employee, keep performing excellently and ask again in a few months time, circumstances may have changed and your wish may be granted. If not, establish timeframes for a suitable review again.
Success ultimately comes down to the way you approach your boss and the amount of money currently available in the wages and salaries budget. Remember you are unlikely to get any extra reward simply for doing your job well – that’s what you’re paid to do after all.
Have you made that first step that could potentially change your future for the better and asked for a pay rise? Share your views and experiences below.

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