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The value of using SMS in the recruitment sector

Header-strip-images---ALL-[Converted]In an ever-competitive market, it is more important than ever for your organisation to stand out and make an impression on potential employees. If you are recruiting, it is essential that you stay ahead of the game and invest in new technology that will set you apart from the competition – after all, employers are fighting more than ever to secure the best talent for their organisations.
In recruitment, time is everything. It’s important to deliver quick decisions and process everything with speed, not least as candidates could be preparing for or involved in multiple job interviews and applications at the same time.
Therefore, recruiters across the world are turning their hand to SMS for some of their communications with candidates. Here’s why…


Sending out a text message to all of your potential candidates takes just minutes.
Compared with dialling hundreds of different candidates or sending out a generic email, a text message can do the job in just minutes and is a preferred method among hirers that need to make the most of their time.


Text messaging is not only time-effective, but also cost-effective. You can send out thousands of text messages for just a couple of pennies each.
Plus, when you factor in that as many as 98% of text messages get read, you’re sure to be able to get a return on your investment in the form of a better quality new employee at the end of the process.


Recruitment isn’t always simple – and it’s likely that some of your candidates are already in full-time work and cannot make it to the phone immediately.
Therefore, a text message provides a more discreet method of contact – you will be able to send the message that you want your candidates to see, and they’ll be able to respond in an appropriate manner when time allows.


SMS messaging allows you to keep in contact with candidates even if they are unsuccessful for the position you are advertising. Their contact information can then be used to target them for similar roles within your organisation, or even to offer them temporary work or freelancing opportunities.
If you are recruiting for a vacant position or desire some assistance in finding the right candidates for your roles, we recommend visiting the employer resources section of our website. Feel free to talk to Webrecruit Ireland about your full range of hiring needs as an Irish employer.


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