5 benefits of a great employer brand

Brand notepadThere has hardly been a greater emphasis on the importance of the right employer brand than there is now. The right people often won’t be attracted to your company unless they are enthused by your brand. But how exactly does a great employer brand work its magic for you, the humble client of a recruitment agency in Belfast and Dublin like Webrecruit Ireland?
Here are five of the effects that a strong employer brand will have on your recruiting.

1. It will get you the right candidates

Studies show that candidates are increasingly making their application decisions on the basis of their chosen company having a great brand.
To build such a powerful brand, you will need to communicate the right messages and values through social media, careers fairs and the other mediums that top candidates use. It will certainly save you recruiting time and money when you attract more of the right kind of candidate.

2. Your bottom line will look better

When more people become aware of your company through a potent employer brand, you can also expect boosted sales and profits.
The smartest people may even be prepared to work for you at a more affordable rate. This was certainly the indication of a recent US survey in which 75 per cent of respondents showed willingness to accept a lower salary in exchange for working for a firm with a great employer brand.

3. It will drive your company forward

A good employer brand, built through a website and social media presence as well as the use of the latest recruitment tools like applicant tracking systems (ATS) and video interviewing, helps to portray your company as at the vanguard of today’s highly digital, technology-obsessed culture.

4. The presentation of a consistent message

Consistency of messaging is vital to the construction of a powerful employer brand. Colours, logos, mottos and language used throughout your website and other promotional and corporate materials should all work nicely together to create a sense of a well-entrenched company that knows exactly what it is about.

5. It will tell the right story

A great employer brand also tells the right story about your business. You may post photos of your workplace and team on your social media page, for instance, to show what life as an employee at your firm is really like. Or maybe you’ll greet visitors to your website warmly with a welcome video, making clear precisely what your brand stands for?
Again, these are all ways of getting the right candidates interested and ultimately, the right hires. With the right employer brand, you’ll definitely get more out of your work with a recruitment agency in Belfast and Dublin like Webrecruit Ireland. Sometimes we’re too busy advising our Irish based clients to complete the necessary activities ourselves but we recently developed our website (still work in progress) and brought on additional staff to assist with our engagement and to make sure people know our story of launching 4 years ago, recruiting for hundreds of Irish based businesses from SMEs to Multi-Nationals and picking up a few recruitment awards on the way due to our innovative approach!

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