5 ways to lure the best sales staff

working with peopleEven having the right recruiting software isn’t enough to guarantee that you will find – and land – the right candidates. Hiring sales staff is a case in point, with the most intelligent use of your own sales nous often required to get that dream candidate over the line.
While you can never guarantee that you will always recruit the best salespeople available, you can certainly maximise your chances if you do the following…

1. ‘Sell’ the candidate a convincing story

How does this opportunity with your firm fit in with the candidate’s wider career arc? What is it about your company culture that would make them a brilliant fit? What values is your organisation driven by, and where do you intend it to be in years to come?
Help the candidate to get emotionally connected to this opportunity.

2. Give them an appealing financial offer

Whatever else you tell your candidate won’t count for much if the amount of money you offer is nowhere near what they consider themselves to be worth.
It should be obvious that salespeople are greatly driven by how much money they can make. Make sure their and your expectations on the money side are at least roughly aligned, before selling to them the other great things about your vacant role.

3. Make them feel valued  

What salespeople don’t want to believe they will be integral to the success of whatever organisation they join next? Making the candidate feel important should therefore be one of your highest priorities during the recruitment process.
Don’t necessarily presume that this means endlessly flattering the candidate – simply giving prompt email replies, calling back quickly and giving full, honest feedback will win you instant appreciation.

4. Tell them all about your company

The finest, most demanding candidates will ask very specific questions about your company’s present status and fortunes, so be prepared to thoroughly answer them.
Do you know about your organisation’s current financial performance? How did your previous sales staff in this position fare? What have been your business’s hiring numbers this year? These are all questions that you should have instantly convincing replies to.

5. Take an empathetic approach

Salespeople may have a reputation – perhaps rather wrongly – for being slightly shouty, aggressive types, but they are human beings regardless, so showing your understanding of their personal needs and circumstances can significantly boost their estimation of you.
Make the right impression on the best sales talent, and even if you don’t land them this time, they will almost certainly keep you in mind for future business.
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