Enhance Your Employer Brand: 6 Ways to Attract Top Talent with a CSR Strategy

Brand-lightbulb-300x288It’s a question on many employers’ minds; can being socially responsible really attract candidates?
If you care about employer branding, and being socially responsible, it’s probably time to integrate the two to reap the benefits and the talent.
It’s part of the triple bottom line that companies may or may not be involved with, however the benefits of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy can be endless for you, your employees, and potential candidates.
The following key considerations and tips look at elements that you can implement within your organisation, to ensure you attract and retain the best talent, whilst enhancing your employer brand.

1. Show an Honest Culture

Individuals want to know who they are working with. Taking an honest stand from a culture viewpoint is an opportunity for candidates to know who you truly are and can complement the personable feel of your brand.

2. Have Clear Missions and Values

Make your CSR missions and objectives clear on your website and encourage higher retention levels by employing individuals who share your same values. It should be clear on your site how you are making an impact through these missions for potential employees to see.

3. Be Ethically and Socially Responsible

What are you doing that is ethically and socially responsible? Candidates are now looking for companies that are involved in being green, supporting charities and doing something more than the normal business operations.
Although some may not think it, CSR is now becoming a factor in a candidate’s employment decision. According to the Undercover Recruiter, 53% of workers say that “a job where they can make an impact” is important to their happiness, and 72% of students about to enter the workforce agree.

4. Focus on the Brand Throughout

Keeping a consistent brand message throughout your CSR activities allows others to recognise and identify your company. If you want to attract top talent, look at how you can showcase your brand and what you can do to create that positive message.

5. Create the mindset

The mindset of your employees and your company will in turn affect their outlook on the organisation, and the work that they do. With a positive CSR strategy in place, this can improve your company’s reputation internally and externally, and consequently the employee referrals may bring better talent to your business.
Providing a platform and an environment where your company can look beyond the daily duties will help to shift towards a more innovative way of operating where employees know they are making an impact on something bigger.

6. Get People Talking

From what we see on a daily basis through the activities of different businesses, it is clear that corporate social responsibility is becoming imperative if you are serious about attracting great candidates through direct recruitment.
Integrating an impressive CSR process with your business objectives will help to create conversations with employees, potential candidates and others. As a result, this will produce its own attraction strategy with individuals wanting to work with your company.
It’s no coincidence that some of the top companies to work for are also coming up trumps on the CSR list, so it’s worth thinking about improving your CSR to attract the best talent.

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