How to make your Generation Z employees flourish

Who are Generation Z?

Generation Z – The generation of children born between 1995 and 2010 who are famous for their ability to easily hold a conversation and simultaneously scroll through their phones.  The youngest generation on the planet, but one of the most complex, the most talked about and the one with the highest set of expectations.  Generation Z’s entire upbringing has been in the age of technology. They don’t believe there is any excuse not to know something because you can ‘just Google it!’ Social media is part of their identity and every Instagram or Snapchat they post is viewed as an extension of their persona. That being said, we don’t stereotype all Gen Z as being the same; we know people are individual and unique in their own right. We also know, however, that their upbringing and tech environment has influenced the strategies for extracting the greatest value out of Gen Z employees in the workplace.

Take advantage of their social awareness

There’s a big focus on making the world a better place amongst Generation Z staff, who prefer the products, services and relationships in which your business specialises to reflect that. Corporate social responsibility is of great importance to this generation, and they aren’t afraid to bring this type of thinking into the boardroom.

Encourage them to tell beguiling stories

Having grown up with texts, memes, infographics and creative video, Gen Z are more likely to deliver an outstanding elevator pitch, rather than prolonged meetings and phone calls. Therefore, many of your workers in this age group are effective at meticulously and creatively telling stories. Use this to your advantage and allow Generation Z to personally and emotionally engage with your target audiences.

Play on their collaborative strengths

Gen Z are notoriously excellent at working together in a compelling and creative way. This is how they’ve been educated and it’s how they have learned. Therefore, it is up to you to nurture this talent by assisting them with picking out the necessary people to network with to achieve success.
With a commitment to innovation, digital skills and excellent collaboration, the future looks nothing short of vibrant for Generation Z’s integration into the workplace.

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