The 5 elements of an effective hiring process

What are the magic elements of successful staff recruitment in Ireland? The truth is that those elements are much the same in this country as they would be in any other country around the world.
As one of the country’s leading recruitment agencies, here at Webrecruit Ireland, we thought we’d pick out five of the elements that your hiring process should include if you are to take on the right person, time and time again.

1. Know your company – and the post you’re advertising

The most successful companies are in no doubt about what they stand for. This doesn’t just help them to boost their profit margins – it does much the same for their hiring processes, given the strong understanding that they also have of the kind of person they need for each and every position.
What makes your company unique? By first knowing the answer to that question, you can hire great people to fit.

2. Have a structured process

You may think that hiring the right person is an art, but the leading companies know that it is a science. That’s why they increase the scientific component of their recruitment by making their hiring processes highly structured.
By ‘structured’, we mean a structured interview and assessment process in which all candidates are treated the same way and asked the same questions. This approach allows you to more accurately compare candidates.

3. Treat candidates like human beings

Believe it or not, so many companies don’t treat their prospective employees well, despite the evidence that it could harm their reputation.
After all, would you be inclined to purchase from a company that you had a bad experience with when applying for a job with them? Would you even want to work with them, or recommend them as a place of work to your friends?

4. Don’t shy away from training

It seems that money worries are leading to more and more organisations scaling down their training programs, which is – to say the least – short-sighted.
After all, training allows you to really ingrain your company culture in your new employees, in addition to expanding the range of people that you can take on, as lesser-skilled candidates will become eligible. This enables you to recruit on the basis on a candidate’s fit, rather than be forced to consider people with the right skills who would not much like your company culture.

5. Tone down the ego

There might be no more important advice than this for anyone wishing to improve their staff recruitment in Ireland. Everyone considers themselves to be great at judging talent and knowing what person to hire, but in truth, we tend to be pretty bad at it.
You can remove your ego from the equation by allowing yourself to be guided by concrete data and results. It’s another approach that has been taken by many of the world’s leading employers.

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