Three Ways to Maintain a Company Culture

Sometimes within the growth and success of businesses, the corporate value and spirit can become lost. However, a close-knit company culture will highlight exactly what makes the business the success it is.
Besides this, a good workplace culture will allow you to invest in the employees, showing them their worth and therefore getting the best out of them. Not only that, talented candidates are attracted to companies that have a great culture, as are potential clients and customers.
Here are three ways to build a consistent and long-lasting company culture:

A Rigorous Hiring Process

It is important when you are recruiting that the company culture is preserved – this can be done by ensuring the new hire matches the businesses core values and beliefs.
Why not use a team approach to interviewing your candidates to see how they interact with the employees? If employee enthusiasm is demonstrated then the business will be on the right road to a better company performance.
Although one bad hire could effect an entire department this can be combated by effectively communicating your company culture in your recruitment advertising campaigns.

Keep Lines Of Communication Open

Actions, behaviour and communication style will ultimately mirror what you expect your corporate culture to be.
It is important to regularly check in with employees and listen to their needs and wants in order to find effective solutions quickly. If employees at every level are able to share their ideas, suggestions and opinions then the cultural values will be refined and strengthened.
It is essential to keep lines of communication open to ensure the team is kept focused and feeling valued. The culture of communication will in turn emphasise the notion that you are one team and not just a bunch of people.

Talk About Your Values

It’s one thing having values, and it’s another thing actually talking about them. You need to be clear about both what your business stands for, and what that means in day-to-day practice.
By reiterating your core values constantly, the employees will have a continued sense of a corporate community. This is why it’s so crucial that all your team members – including those in charge of your recruitment process – talk about those values and live by them.

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