3 things that will inspire your top talent

candidates-on-a-screen-1Great employees don’t just provide your company with significant added value – they are hard for even the best recruitment agency in Belfast to find, and they are even harder to replace if they quit. If there’s one thing that you therefore most definitely need to do for your staff, it’s inspire them.
An inspired employee will give their best for your company and stay around for year after year – so consider these three tips for making sure they’re nicely motivated while in your employ.

Decisively firing poor employees

It might seem strange to suggest that your best employees will be inspired by you firing your staff. But of course, we’re not talking about getting rid of your best employees, but instead those who aren’t pulling their weight.
Fire good employees, and your staff might be scared that they’re next. Fire bad ones, and you will be sending out an inspiring message that yours is a company committed to excellence, that wouldn’t continue to employ anyone who wasn’t good.

Creating a brand to be proud of

All employees want to be proud of the company that they work for, and you can create that pride through deliberate actions that aren’t just about the products or services that you provide.
Set up a social media or blogging campaign that celebrates all of the great stuff that your company does ‘behind the scenes’, from charity work to sponsoring events in the community, and don’t be afraid to brag about the achievements of both your company in general and your individual staff.

Embedding ‘meaningfulness’

Don’t we all want to feel that the work we do actually has a grander meaning – that we might be, rather than simply picking up a monthly wage to pay the rent, actually making some kind of positive difference to the world?
That’s why you should set out a clearly defined mission, values and goals, in addition to showing your staff the hard data that demonstrates they really do make a difference – including to the bottom line.
These aren’t just things that will inspire your existing staff, as such personnel will also make great ambassadors for your business, in turn improving your employer brand and inspiring new prospects.
Never underestimate the importance of inspiring anyone and everyone associated with your company, not least when you are working with a recruitment agency in Belfast.


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