5 Tips to Help Tackle a Group Interview

shutterstock_220586725For many, the concept of a one to one interview, despite its perceived intensity, is a far less daunting task than that of a group interview. The interview itself becomes more about, not only how you represent yourself, but how you come across in comparison to the other candidates around you. In adding another dimension to the interview process, it can be stressful and nerve-wracking, therefore Webrecruit Ireland offers 5 tips that will help ease your nerves and ensure that you are ready to tackle your group interview.

Arrive Early

In a group interview, it is essential that you make the most of every opportunity in order to differentiate yourself from the other candidates. You want to be remembered for the right reasons. Arriving at the right time will not only position you as a punctual, courteous employee, but it will also allow you to interact with other candidates in a less formal setting. This in turn will showcase your social skills to the employers who will be observing your behaviour from the minute you enter the room.

Prepare for the Ice Breaker

This is undeniably the most dreaded aspect of any group activity, and coincidentally, it is also where the pressure often forbids candidates from being able to provide any “interesting” facts about themselves. Through preparation you can avoid embarrassment in front of your peers whilst also ensuring that what you do say is engaging and pertinent.

Perfect your Body Language

Through sitting up straight, you will look genuinely interested. It will show your alertness and attentiveness. However, with this comes the potential to overdo it. You don’t want to look listless and stiff, two qualities that are not desirable on the employment front. It may sound complicated but try to strike a balance between looking comfortable, yet alert and smart.

Prepare your Questionsshutterstock_263031548

Like any interview, you must prepare correctly and carry out a range of thorough research into the company, what they do and their position in the market. Always use this to your advantage during the “ask a question” part of the interview. This will identify you as a candidate who is truly interested in the role, and understands what it entails.
Key tip: Do not ask a question if nothing immediately comes to mind. Asking an irrelevant question will have a completely contrasting effect. It may seem harmless, but you do not want the employers to question your suitability for the role based on something that could have been avoided.

Be inclusive

One of the most important aspects of both leadership and team work is ensuring that everyone’s opinions are heard and considered. Do not dominate the floor with your own voice in a group interview and if there is an introvert in the group, encourage them to participate. This will indicate how you can fit into the working environment of the firm.


Group interviews are not as common as one to ones, but when they do come around, and the talent is strong, it is crucial that you are prepared. It’s not as simple as showcasing your ability, as it’s also about how you stand out and are different to the others on the day.
Interviews are changing and becoming more dynamic. In order to be prepared for all scenarios, check out how you can prepare for a video interview. 

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