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5 characteristics of a committed employee

Recruitment companies in Northern Ireland love a committed employee. These are the people who make the wheels of business turn, who are willing to put in the effort that the average worker just wouldn’t, who take ownership over the success and failure of their organisation.

So, we’ve established that committed, engaged employees are pretty vital. When you have a lot of them, you’ll see major benefits for your company’s productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. So, here are five of the traits that mark out such people.

1. Appetite for new challenges

A committed employee is always looking for new challenges to take on that would not only solve your company’s immediate problems, but also help to expand their own horizons. They’re thirsty for skills and knowledge, and are most happy at firms that allow them to quench that thirst.

2. Problem-solving attitude

Whatever obstacle may come before the engaged staffer, they’re prepared to seek ways to overcome it, with little need for further direction from you. They aren’t just like this because it’s their job – they’re like this because they care about your business’s success.

3. Willingness to lead

As stated above, a committed worker doesn’t need much direction from above – certainly not for routine tasks. They already know how to carry out such tasks to the best possible standard, and come up with their own ways to solve emergencies and crises within your firm.

4. Job and career satisfaction

These workers don’t tend to constantly jump around from one job to the next. Instead, they find the right role with the right business for their forward growth, and stick around. This gives you both everyday and long-term benefits in both productivity and customer satisfaction – after all, those who come into contact with your engaged staffer will frequently feel the enthusiasm rub off on them.

5. Greater performance

Committed employees just do everything better than their less engaged counterparts, often even when there might seem to be a major deficit in talent or experience. These are the workers who, even if they aren’t ready for a top-level position with your company straight away, can be moulded by you to deliver long-lasting productivity and success.

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