Video interviews: Can you adapt?


Video interview mediaIt is an undeniable reality that technology is continually having an impact on how companies are operating. It has never been easier to communicate globally, and as international opportunities develop, it is crucial that you are prepared for a wide range of recruitment techniques – one of which is the video interview.
Whether you are applying for a job close by, or a role that is based overseas, video interviews are becoming increasingly appealing to recruiters. The hiring company can still benefit from a face-to-face connection with the candidate, however without the hassle of travel, and at a time that suits them.
Webrecruit Ireland looks into the fundamental considerations of any video interview, and how this can help you land your dream job.


While the video interview is an effective visual aid, arguably the sound is even more important. Always be aware of the transmission delay between you and the interviewer, and adjust accordingly. Take your time; nod throughout to show you understand the question, and pause for a few seconds before you answer.

Dress code

This is just as relevant for a video interview as it is face to face. As the term suggests, first impressions are immediate. If this is the first interview, its simple – be smart. As a video interview limits your ability to judge the working environment, it’s safe to be consistent in the interviews that follow. You are always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Back drop

You may be in the comfort of your own home, but make sure that your surroundings are appropriate. Your choice of backdrop says a lot about you so try and keep it plain and tidy – you want your personality to stand out, not your furniture.

Battery Life

Preparation is crucial in any interview and one of the most important preparation tips for a video interview is ensuring that your device has full battery.

Screen share

Depending on the industry of your job role, you may be asked to screen share your device with your interviewers. If this is the case, be mindful. Ensure your desktop background is appropriate, and that any documents or websites that are open, are acceptable to the eyes of the observing panel.

Eye Contact

It’s natural to be drawn towards the screen when conversing with your interviewers, but make sure you look into the camera when you respond.


Again, this applies to any interview – practice makes perfect. You may not be able to predict the questions exactly but rehearsal will heighten your confidence. Get to grips with your video software, or even arrange a video call with a friend.

Don’t forget your interview questions!

While all of these tips are useful for your video interview, don’t let them navigate your thoughts away from the most important task at hand – your response to the given questions.


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