5 perks that you could offer your mobile workers

CrowdsourcingIt’s only relatively recently that mobile employees have even become prominent within the workforce. Understandably, many companies using recruitment agencies in Dublin may therefore be unsure how to get the best out of them.
One way of accomplishing this is to offer the right perks. With mobile workers being frequently unsupervised and rarely in the same office as their managers and colleagues, there are certain things that they appreciate and deserve as part of the most respectful treatment.
Here are five of the perks that we think you should consider.

1. Food reimbursement

 With on-the-go mobile workers sometimes lacking the time for a proper meal and not even normally having a fridge in which to keep food, many of them are inevitably dependent on random snacks and fitting in lunch whenever and wherever they can.
So, don’t you think they’d be thankful for you at least helping them out with their food costs?

2. Mobile device coverage

Given how heavily any mobile employee will use their smartphone or tablet for keeping in touch with you, other colleagues and anyone else that their work necessitates contact with, it makes sense for you to at least cover the cost of their data – if not the device as well.
Customer satisfaction, efficiency and the all-round quality of the employee’s work will all improve when you cater for their mobile device needs.

3. Fuel supplement/insurance coverage

Petrol’s an expensive commodity for a worker who’s constantly on the road. It might not therefore be possible for you to cover your mobile employee’s entire fuel budget, which is why you may instead consider supplementing their consumption beyond a certain point.
Mobile workers are also often burdened by the insurance cost of their set of wheels, which could make some assistance in this area a good idea, too.

4. Premium radio/streaming subscription

 How much does it cost per month to foot the bill of a Pandora or Spotify subscription for your mobile worker to keep them in a good mood throughout their day?
The answer, in the case of Spotify Premium, is nothing for the first 30 days, and then only £9.99 per month after that. It’s the kind of perfectly affordable perk that could make a big difference.

5. Additional support

 Physically isolated mobile workers are also often grateful for a decent support system for those sometimes unexpected difficulties that can arise.
Are there means by which your mobile employees can quickly get in touch with you and/or give feedback? Maybe you could even occasionally join them in person on their assignments?
Don’t presume that such perks are a waste of money – happier mobile workers will always deliver better results than unhappy ones, so the right benefits can have great importance.

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