6 LinkedIn Recruitment Features

LinkedIn job searching89% of recruiters have hired someone through LinkedIn, according to Herd Wisdom (2014). With statistics such as these, it’s no surprise that businesses are taking advantage of the world’s largest professional network to find candidates.

But, how can you optimise your recruitment efforts on a budget through LinkedIn to find the best talent? We look at the best tools this platform has to offer, including functionalities within the LinkedIn Recruiter service.

1. Company Page

Believe it or not, your company page is an important tool when recruiting for LinkedIn. Therefore, ensure your company page is a reflection of why you would want to work there.

This may be the first impression for some candidates, so try to use media and engage with updates to grow your following. This can also be a useful way to enhance your employer brand, to attract top talent.

To access and set yours up, from the LinkedIn homepage, go to the interests tab at the top of the page, and click ‘Companies’ from the drop down list. When on the ‘Companies’ page, on the far right you will see a ‘Create’ button under the title ‘create a company page’ which once clicked will take you through the process.

2. InMail

With LinkedIn recruitment, you can personally reach out to candidates using InMail, which sends private messages to those you would like to contact. This internal e-mail tool allows you to contact all LinkedIn members, including those beyond your personal connections.

Getting candidates to respond to your InMails is an art, so look to aim for a percentage success rate to measure responses.

3. Search Techniques

The search capabilities of LinkedIn allow you to search for candidates by a variety of different criteria, including past company, job titles, interests, years of experience and more.

Searching abilities also include the master Boolean search, which allows you to combine words and phrases by using the words AND, NOT, and OR to filter your searches.

4. LinkedIn Groups

Posting in the various groups across LinkedIn can act as another method to attract candidates, active or passive. However, in order to continue posting in groups, you must act as an active participant. This draws attention to both you and your company.

To make the most of this, think about which groups your talent is in, what content you can share and where you can get the best response.

5. Talent Brand Index

If you are using LinkedIn for your recruitment, you’ll want to know how effective it really is. The Talent Brand Index will provide you with vital metrics, including the reach of your company brand, and the amount of people who are engaging with it.

This is a paid for service, and is great if you are keen to improve your employer branding strategy.

6. Sponsored Jobs

LinkedIN recruitment job featuresTo boost visibility, LinkedIn provides you with the option of bidding for a place on a candidate’s home page, under the ‘Jobs You May Be Interested In’ section.

If you are advertising here, you will only be charged when a relevant candidate clicks on the ad. This can be great to reach passive candidates, who may not be job searching but look in to these recommendations.

LinkedIN Recruitment

The number of members on LinkedIn continues to increase, as it becomes standard for professionals to have a profile on the site.

What the social platform, therefore, gives you is access to a large amount of individuals, showing their skills, interests, current jobs, and more.

Not only does LinkedIn provide a huge reach to a variety of candidates, its gives you the in-depth searching capabilities that you need to find the best talent. Making LinkedIN recruitment an attractive source for recruiting on a budget.

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