5 ways in which Millennials are transforming the workplace

Talent-pool-300x212There are no firm dates for how one classifies as being part of the Millennial generation. However, it’s generally accepted that it stems from being born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s.
This generation has experienced a lot of changes from previous generations, both socially and technologically and the effects of this are finding their way into the workplace. But how exactly are Millennials transforming Irish organisations like yours?

1. Social media

The majority of people in the world have some sort of social media account, but it is mainly popular amongst the younger generation who are most likely to be involved.
How does this affect the workplace? Well, it means that there is a greater sense of being able to stay in touch. If everybody is connected online, it means there is no reason people can’t be in contact with co-workers and getting work done faster.

2. Technology

This is something that affects both employers and employees because there is a lot more available at people’s fingertips and there are more ways to get work done – and of course, Millennials have grown up with smartphones, tablets and other technology, so are highly proficient in this area.
Hirers now much more frequently use recruitment management software like our own here at Webrecruit Ireland, and tend to be more vigilant through technology on how their potential Millennial worker will fare in the workplace.

3. Thinking long-term

New studies are finding that, due to higher life expectancy, the current young generation may not get the chance to retire until they are in their 70s.
This means that Millennials think very much long-term when it comes to their careers. No longer are many of them looking for just a passing fancy, but instead a vacation that is going to satisfy them until they get past pensionable age.

4. More flexible hours

Due to the rise in technology, there comes a point when a lot of what used to only be doable at work becomes doable in the comfort of the worker’s own home. Many Millennials are starting to prefer freelance work and so traditional workplaces are becoming less of a staple.

5. Different evaluation methods

With Millennials needing constant feedback on their performance, the traditional tendency for quarterly or yearly employee evaluations is becoming less relevant. Managers are therefore shifting to a practice of conversing more regularly and informally with their Millennial workers in order to inspire continuous improvement.
Change is inevitable and Millennials are truly going to turn the traditional workplace on its head. However, change can be good and its best to go with it rather than try to fight it – so why not get in touch with Webrecruit Ireland about how your own organisation can truly embrace the Millennial generation?


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