6 key factors in talent retention

softwareTo thrive in the modern digital world, your company may need a variety of tech posts, but there is a shortage of good employees to fill such roles. For this reason, the use of up-to-date recruitment technology is vital, but so is keeping hold of the great talent you’ve already got. Here are six crucial factors in preventing your top tech workers from straying.

1. Making sweeping – but also careful – changes

To keep pace with the competition, you should make sure you are using sophisticated recruitment technology. If, however, that technology instead calls for a big revamp, ensure that your tech workers recognise the benefits of such change. This way, the change can occur with their approval and satisfaction.

2. Checking that workers are communicating effectively

Annual performance reviews won’t be sufficient to analyse how well your employees are communicating. Instead, you should fire off various questions to those employees, such as: what are you saying to who? How are you communicating? How do you know this?

3. Suitably rewarding high performers for attaining great results

A high performer who regularly gets great returns for your company is bound to become disillusioned if you fail to recognise their efforts. You should make sure that you aren’t focusing too much attention on faltering workers.

4. Setting out clear plans for dealing with staff retirement

At one point or another, a crucial worker could leave – and so you need to carefully plan a strategy for how to deal with an unexpected vacuum. Furthermore, your company’s other workers should be kept informed of this strategy. Otherwise, your company could see a crippling exodus when, for example, a senior manager retires.

5. Widely communicating up-to-date security policies

Make sure that your company’s security standards are up-to-date and security protocols are followed by all staff. That way, you can prevent a data breach that could leave the more security-conscious of your workers exasperated.

6. Considering whether workers are in the right roles

Top employees could become frustrated if they are left doing work that doesn’t make full use of their unique strengths. You should therefore chat regularly with workers to assess whether they are happy with their current roles, encouraging honest responses from them.

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