The 5 Key Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

With an increasing shortage of in-demand skills, the pressure is on for employers to attract high quality candidates to their businesses.
Using recruitment agency software is a great way to advertise your recruitment campaigns and manage your candidates through a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS).
Webrecruit Ireland shares with you five key benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System.

1. Become more efficient

An ATS allows you to log all your recruitment campaigns and candidate information in one easily accessible hub.
Storing all your candidate information in one system, instead of a litter of complicated spreadsheets, will simplify your recruitment process, and reduce the amount of admin and paperwork.

2. Capture candidate information, seamlessly

Most Applicant Tracking Systems provide candidates with individual accounts, where they allow jobseekers to login and upload their CV and details straight onto your system. From here, you can set up job alert emails for candidates to sign up to and express their interest in working for your company. Capturing a candidate’s information in this way can help build your talent pool, keeping your records simple and accessible.
Having this rich pool of candidate data allows you to search for talent in your existing database before feeling the need to advertise your campaign.

3. Produce reports with ease

After collating all of your recruitment information through your applicant tracking system, you can create tailored reports that will allow you to monitor the performance and success of your campaigns. For example, if you’re interested in how long it will take to hire an engineer, look at your time-to-hire by vacancy report. Or, if you want to see which job board is giving you too many irrelevant applications, look at the application by source report.

4. Reduce your Admin

Using an ATS to manage your recruitment admin will allow you to keep all your applications in one portal, reducing the need for separate emails.
By storing all your candidate data in one hub, you can pull and produce tailored reports, reducing your amount of admin work.

5. Improve your candidate experience

With the rise of mobile device usage, candidates now research and apply for work in a mobile-optimised format, according to a recent LinkedIn Global Recruiting survey.
With an ATS, you can create a mobile-optimised application process to allow potential candidates to apply with ease, directly through their mobile. Giving your candidates this option will shorten the application process, delivering a great candidate experience and in return, cutting your time-to –hire.
Are you looking to introduce recruitment software into your HR function? There are a number of benefits to using an ATS, why not request our brochure to see how Webrecruit Ireland can help you.

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