5 ways to improve your candidate experience

Passive candidatesIf you’re reading that title thinking “The candidate experience? What’s that?”, we’re afraid your business could be in major trouble. A great candidate experience is vital to successful staff recruitment in Ireland. After all, the hiring process causes anxiety on both sides, and if your firm messes it up, even the dream applicant could turn you down.
HR isn’t just about the candidate selling themselves to you – it’s about you showing just what a great company you are. Here’s how to do it.

1. Imagine you’re the jobseeker

Think back to when you have been the jobseeker at certain times of your life. Then, design your recruitment process from that perspective. Consider the candidate experience at every step of the process, and you’ll better cater for your own organisation’s needs.

2. Communicate with applicants

A huge proportion of job applicants never even get a reply. Don’t be that company that doesn’t even show basic courtesy to its candidates. Make clear every step of the hiring process to them. Set deadlines for the various stages, and meet them. Don’t leave your applicants out in the cold – always let them know what’s going on.

3. Get your employees involved

Who knows your company culture and how things work better than anyone else? Your actual personnel, of course – the people on the ‘shop floor’. So, when designing your hiring process, get them involved. Their fresh pair of eyes might give you some great insight. Consider how your candidates would fit in with your existing team – cultural fit can be so underrated.

4. Make it personal

Don’t make your staff recruitment too rigid – after all, you’re supposed to be hiring people, and the best of them can be pretty idiosyncratic and weird at times. Would Steve Jobs necessarily tick all of the boxes on a bureaucratic checklist? We don’t think so, so be careful not to miss out on a genius.

5. Ask for honest feedback

Any HR professionals who think they’re done with evolving their staff recruitment process are fools. It should always be changing, taking on new tools and methods. Don’t get left behind – ask candidates for honest advice on how you can do better. Whatever you do, don’t turn stale.
Whether you do or don’t hire a particular candidate, they’ll think so much more highly of your company if they are treated well during your hiring process. This helps to boost your public reputation and recommendations from others of potential staff.
What could be better for your staff recruitment in Ireland?

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