5 tips for getting your very first recruit right

Hr personIt’s one thing to be working genuinely on your own, as a one-man band. With only your own livelihood to worry about, it can be easier to make those risky business decisions. It’s when someone else’s financial stability depends on you that the sleepless nights can start.
Yes, we’re talking about the moment you start searching for recruitment firms in Ireland and look to take on your first employee. It’s a scary decision, but here are some great tips for getting it right, straight away.

1. Offer a set contract first

Big decisions like this can easily go wrong, so offer a set contract or a permanent contract with a lengthy probation period at first if you have doubts. This allows both firm and employee to check each other out, and if things don’t work out, part ways at no great cost. It certainly motivates your new employee to impress and win that full-time contract.

2. Properly test your candidates

Don’t take on someone who dazzles at interview, but can’t do even the basic things in the job! That’s why Maths, English and problem solving tests are so important. Any tests should, of course, be appropriate to the level of position.

3. Consider a university graduate

If you have the time to provide training and development, graduates direct from university can make great first recruits for your small business. You’ll be able to mould them to your requirements without the worry of bad habits picked up from other companies.
When handled well, such candidates can make very motivated and talented employees, contributing significantly to the success of your business.

4. Use the right recruitment agency

Or maybe you don’t have much time or money for staff development at all? In that case, there are recruitment firms in Ireland – such as Webrecruit Ireland – that can quickly grasp your exact needs and find you the right, fully-formed candidate.
The right agency deals with all of the dirty work of attracting that first employee – from sifting through CVs to setting up interviews – so that you have maximum time to focus on your business. The commission pricing policies of traditional agencies are very costly, especially for SMEs, but companies like Webrecruit Ireland offer a flat fee charge which will save local businesses thousands on their recruitment costs. Our unique recruitment model won ‘Recruitment Innovator of the Year’ in 2012 due to our online recruitment techniques that reduces recruitment costs.

5. Look outside for senior staff

Need good senior management staff? Don’t promote from within. Instead, bring in someone experienced from outside, someone who can apply a fresh pair of eyes and bring a fresh perspective. It’ll more than justify the market rates that you need to spend.
With these philosophies, you can be confident of getting that all-important first recruit right – especially when you do it with Webrecruit Ireland, an award winning and one of the premier recruitment firms in Ireland.

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