Setting up a Direct Sourcing Strategy – 3 Things to Consider

shutterstock_173239193The question on many HR professionals’ minds is, should we set up a direct sourcing strategy? With costly agency fees and small budgets, managers are starting to discover that it is time to source their own talent and in turn make the most out of their employer brand.
With the increasing use of applicant tracking systems and other cost-effective recruiting software, HR departments can put themselves in a solid position to approach their Senior Management Team in the company with the idea for direct sourcing.
If it’s something that hasn’t been done before, this can cause worry when investing in unfamiliar software, especially when you are no longer relying on agencies. Webrecruit Ireland looks at 3 key questions you should ask, before bringing recruitment in-house.

1] Why are you considering bringing recruitment in-house?

Without doubt there will be always be room to modify the way talent attraction is managed within a business. If it is refined, it gives you a greater chance of attracting better staff, increasing competitive advantage, and recognise the best return from suppliers.
Usually, we notice that companies consider direct sourcing for the following reasons:
– The need to know which resources will deliver the best candidates
– They want to improve their employer brand by capitalising on it
– Increased capability and investment in LinkedIn recruiter licences
– Investing in people with the right skill sets
– They need to centralise processes, and boost partnerships between multi-site operations

2] It’s a long term process

Remember, setting up a direct sourcing strategy requires a transition stage; you can’t turn off agencies straight away. Current procedures will need auditing, with the aim of identifying strong points and knowing where you need help.
It is during these periods where recruiters such as Webrecruit Ireland will help; offering managed recruitment to enable a more streamlined process whilst your business adjusts.
But how long will it take? Webrecruit Ireland has provided the tools for the transition, with some businesses become independent in their recruitment activities in just over a year. Full investment however, is needed from the beginning, with the rewards potentially not being seen until month 5.

3] Which people will be needed to deliver the strategy?

There are many questions that come from setting up a direct sourcing team, such as how many people do you need and what will they specialise in? Hiring ex-recruiters may be beneficial, due to their in-depth knowledge of recruitment.
It is important to remember that you will need the extra man power to complete tasks which were with recruiters beforehand such as fielding calls, application processing and more.
Think about your long term goals and your resource requirements related to the direct sourcing strategy, considering what you are looking to achieve with your talent attraction.
Looking to set up a direct sourcing strategy or want to learn if you are ready? Read more on how Webrecruit Ireland can help.

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